Circular Plastics Packaging ASIA,

23-25 Nov, 2022 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Accelerating Asia’s plastics packaging circularity and collaborations across the supply chain

Closing the loop with mechanical & chemical recycling for higher quality recycled plastics

Key Highlights

•  Optional site visit to
i)  Ecoblue - Thailand’s first food-grade recycling polymer plant
ii) Veolia Circular Polymer 

•  Regulatory developments on solutions for plastics circular economy including collection, waste infrastructure capabilities

•  Solutions by converters and brandowners on driving circularity and collaborative effort with the entire value chain ecosystem

•  First Bottle to Bottle food grade rPET plant in Asean

•  Market potential for recycled materials and plastics

•  Innovative solutions to recycling multilayer flexible plastics

And many more.

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Separately Bookable Site Visit to 
Ecoblue Thailand 
Site Visit 1 - 23 November 2022

Ecoblue is
1. Thailand’s first food-grade recycling polymer plant
2. ASEAN’s first recycling polymer plant offering food grade PET, HDPE and PP.

Registration to Ecoblue site visit is subject to approval by its management. Ecoblue reserves the right to approve or refuse participants for this visit.

Separately Bookable Site Visit to 
Veolia Circular Polymer 
Site Visit 2 - 25 November 2022

Veolia Circular Polymer recycles low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic. It is one of Thailand’s largest LDPE recycling plants and operates in the highest level of compliance.

The plant converts 22.5KT/Y of Thailand’s plastic packaging waste into high quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic as a long-term solution to the plastic pollution crisis, producing quality secondary materials for the plastic industry.

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