15th Bioplastics Market,

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18-19 Oct, 2023 - Bangkok, HYBRID

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

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17 Oct 2023
18 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023
Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia
Day 1
Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future
of Chemicals & Plastics Asia

Day 2
15th Bioplastics Market 
Day 1
15th Bioplastics Market
Day 2

15th Bioplastics Market

Day 1

15th Bioplastics Market
18-19 Oct 2023, Bangkok
(Co-locate with Sustainable Feedstocks for the future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia, 17-18 Oct 2023)

According to industry reports, Asia is projected to be the fastest-growing region for bioplastics, driven by countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and India. Rising consumer awareness, government support, and corporate sustainability initiatives are fueling the demand for bioplastics as an alternative to conventional plastics.

Thailand is now the second-largest producer of bioplastics in the world behind the U.S., thanks to the Thai government’s commitment to the bio-circular-green (BCG) economy. “The U.S. is producing roughly 150,000 tons of bioplastics each year, while Thailand now has the capacity to turn out 95,000 tons,” said Viboon Pungpraset, President of the Thai Bioplastics Industry Association. Thai manufacturers are planning to increase capacity by another 75,000 tons per year.

TripleW raises $16.5 million Series B to produce lactic acid and bioplastic from food waste.  22/3/23, www.calcalistech.com/

RWDC Industries, Lummus Technology sign MoU accelerating PHA production at scale.  2/5/23, eco-business.com

SCGC and Braskem Partner on Bioplastics Plant in Rayong, with a production capacity of 200,000 tonnes a year. 5/2/23, www.bioplasticsnews.com

Potential for further growth is high. Demand for bioplastics, especially in developed countries is rising, and 90 percent of the bioplastics Thailand produces are exported.

Several Asian countries are implementing regulatory updates to address plastic waste. For instance, many nations are adopting or considering bans on single-use plastics. These regulations encourage the use of sustainable alternatives like bioplastics and compostable packaging. Countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have set specific targets and timelines for reducing single-use plastics and promoting sustainable packaging options. Regulatory authorities in Asia are also setting guidelines and standards to ensure the safety and suitability of these materials for food packaging.

Proper management of bioplastics and compostable packaging at the end of their life cycle is crucial for realizing their environmental benefits. How far ahead is Asia on developing infrastructure for waste collection, sorting, and processing? Are Composting facilities, anaerobic digestion, and industrial-scale composting being established to handle these materials effectively and ensure they are properly disposed of or recycled?

As the demand for sustainable materials increases, ongoing research, collaboration between stakeholders, and supportive regulatory frameworks will be essential to drive the adoption of bioplastics and compostable plastics in Asia.

Join us at the 15th Bioplastics Market in Bangkok on 18-19 October 2023 to gain latest updates on the market trends, growth forecasts, regulatory updates, investment status & more!  


  • Industry near/mid term outlook – Can the demand pick up to match capacity expansion?

  • How to speed up regulatory development in Asia to support bioplastics growth

  • New trends, developments – what’s new in the market?

  • Brand owners on their plans to incorporate bioplastics into their products/packaging

  • Material innovations & investment updates: PHA, PHB, PBS, PLA, PEF, Bio-PET, Bio-Polyolefins, PBAT & more!

  • Renewable feedstocks supply & conversion technology

Contact grace@cmtsp.com.sg for registrations.


Testimonial from 14th Bioplastics Market, Nov 2022! 

“Extensively updated market and new technologies of bioplastics world”  ~ SCG Packaging

“Excellent conference covering a wide variety of relevant and timely issues in bioplastics industry”  ~ Korea Bioplastics Producers Association

“Insightful and comprehensive dive into bioplastics”  ~ KLK Oleochemicals

“Well chaired and the right length”  ~ Biotec

“Open my bioplastic world and good connection with big players in this market”  ~ UPM Raflatac

“Great return to face to face conference, with relevant & new info shared”  ~ Coca Cola Beverage Phil

The conference will share a half-day session with Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia conference which will take place on 17-18 Oct 2023.

More details of that conference can be viewed here: https://www.cmtevents.com/eventschedule.aspx?ev=231020&