Circular Plastics Packaging Europe - 24th GEPET Series,

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06-07 May, 2024 - Rotterdam, HYBRID

Hilton Rotterdam

Key highlights 

Building up momentum and demand for recycled plastics in the midst of high recyclate prices.

Can consumer pressure, voluntary pledges and new legislation lift the optimism for recycled polymers ?

What is the outlook for PET and rPET in the region ?  With ongoing logistics disruption in the Red Sea increasing PET feedstock and prices, how will this affect rPET demand ?

Unravelling the EU’s new Packaging & Package Waste regulations - Potential challenges and opportunities.

Within the EU borders, what is done to incentivize sorting and recycling facilities, what investments in state-of-the-art technologies are improving the quality of recycled materials and boosting their competitiveness against virgin.

Can chemical recycling technologies play a role in establishing a circular and sustainable economy ? What is the outcome on ongoing discussion and challenges in mass balance and allocating recycled content from chemical recycling.

Are market conditions ready for scaling up reuse systems and clear requirements for reusable packaging design ?

Join us in Rotterdam on the 6-7th of May 2024 and participate in the interactive Panel sessions with the experts and your fellow peers in the plastics packaging supply chain.

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