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06 Oct, 2020

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Chemical Recycling - Chasing the Green Gold Rush

Governments continue to mandate greater use of recycled materials while brand owners make ambitious commitments to incorporate recycled material in their packaging – putting pressure on the plastics industry to do something about plastics waste.

The industry is on the cusp of a revolution as it places big bets on chemical recycling especially when traditional mechanical recycling processes cannot effectively recycle difficult plastic, laminated multilayer pouches hence these plastics are usually downcycled into applications with less-exacting specifications than what the virgin materials were designed for.

Chemical recycling methods that recover their original raw materials to be remade into high-quality resins offer a way out.

Although plastics producers are eager to give chemical recycling a try – challenges abound.

What is the EU perspective on how to develop a legislative framework for chemical recycling to be sustainable ?

What is the industry response on chemical recycling and concerns for producing food contact materials ? 

How do you make the technique profitable ? To scale up they need to build big, expensive plants and aggregate a lot of plastic waste. Can chemical recycling technology ramp up fast enough and be THE solution for a circular economy for plastics ?

Sign up today for CMT’s webinar on Efficient Scalable Chemical Recycling anchored by 3 plastics recycling experts to share about their cutting-edge innovations in chemical plastics recycling.

Can the Enval process offer a solution to use lightweight recycled packaging ie flexible plastics, refill pouches and yet meet the 30% recycled content threshold.

Going forward, how will Axens ramp up its Rewind-PET process to an industrial scale, eco-efficient PET recycling facility ?

Hear from Anellotech on their innovative Plas-TCat chemical recycling technology which can convert single-use plastics directly into basic chemicals and then used to make new plastics. The system can also take a variety of plastics (PE, PP, PET, PS, etc.) and make BTX to get PX via standard aromatics processing and then PET.

Not only that, separately their Bio-Tcat process has already been proven to be able to convert biomass into BTX aromatics to produce bio-based plastics.

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Date: 6 Oct 2020, Tuesday


10:00 hrs (GMT - 4) New York
11:00 hrs (GMT - 3) São Paulo
16:00 hrs (GMT +2) Paris
22:00 hrs (GMT +8) Singapore






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(Moderator) Jordi Foguet
Managing Director and Co-owner
K-PET Consulting, S.L


David Sudolsky
President & CEO


Fabian Lambert
Technology Development Manager


Jeremy Blake
Head of Operations
Enval Ltd


Janek Vahk
Climate Change & Energy Coordinator
Zero Waste Europe