Waste to Resources: Transforming Waste into Value,

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21 Oct, 2020

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Have you wondered if there could be more waste than fish in the ocean in a few decades?  The world threw away billion tons of waste annually, and out of which, plastic waste accounted 300 million tons in 2019.  While COVID-19 has made a significant dent in global consumption, it has created new trends of waste accumulation from used facial masks and e-commerce packaging, etc.
How to build a circular economy, or can WASTE + TECH bring on a sustainable and profitable solution to end the present problem?
The creation of secondary raw materials, from plastic waste and etc, is the core of the circular economy.  Apart from mitigating waste issues, it is a way of coping with the increasing scarcity of natural resources and rising raw materials costs.
Waste to Value – Innovation to accelerate recycling & transforming waste into value added resources
From clean electricity, hydrogen, plastic and fuels, technologies are pursuing commercialization to monetize our daily waste (plastic, electronic, municipal, bio-hazardous, etc) to these valuable resources.  Where are we in the development in this value chain?  What's the current hurdles and opportunities ahead?
Chaining up all possibilities, join us at #CMTH2 webinar for experts analysis and insights on Value from Waste.
The 90-minutes webinar kicks off with technologies and applications updates, deliberation on commercialization, opportunities and challenges in the development of the value chain. The panel looks forward to an exciting interactive session, and welcomes participation, questions and comments from all.


All participants can access to extended 1-to-1 networking, for up to 5 days after the webinar. 

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Date: 21 Oct 2020





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Ways2H™ is transforming the world's worst waste into on-demand clean fuel and electricity. It's a single solution to a double challenge: the $400 billion+ global solid waste market, and rapidly growing demand for clean hydrogen. Ways2H™ systems convert organic waste streams, including plastics, municipal waste and hazardous elements, into hydrogen. The systems are self-sustainable, scalable and with a modular footprint that makes them suitable for decentralized waste treatment and clean energy production, improving logistics for both the waste and energy industries.


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