Coatings in the Age of COVID-19

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30 Jul, 2020

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Webinar Details: 
COVID-19 has created an incredible combination of economic shocks, disruptions to physical industries, and changes to how public spaces and surfaces are perceived. The coatings industry and the industries it serves have all been affected. However, this crisis is not happening in a vacuum, and the coatings industry was already being transformed by a diverse set of megatrends, including the drive for sustainability, the emergence of digital tools, and long term shifts in consumer preferences. Players throughout the value chain will need to re-evaluate their near term strategies and long term R&D plans in response to these challenges.

This webinar will: 

  • Identify key megatrends for the coatings space and their impacts
  • Highlight promising anti-microbial and anti-viral coatings to combat COVID-19 and discuss the impact  of the pandemic on consumer behavior
  • Discuss the future of corrosion protection and how the economic downturn puts pressure on protective coatings


  • Tiffany Hua

    Tiffany Hua is a Research Associate at Lux Research. She is a member of the Accelerating Materials Innovation team where she covers emerging technologies within the chemicals and materials industry including functional  and protective coatings, smart materials, bio-based polymers, and sustainable packaging. Tiffany is very interested in the circular economy and is monitoring innovative trends and disruptions in this space.

    Prior to joining Lux Research, Tiffany worked at the Langer Lab at MIT where she researched and designed retentive drug delivery systems for chronic diseases. She has authored and coauthored several academic publications on topics including 3D printed smart gastric devices, extended drug delivery, and gastric retention device design.

    Tiffany holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Massachusetts Amherst where she conducted research on mechanobiology, medical device design, and nanostructured surfaces.

  • Anthony Schiavo

    Anthony Schiavo is a Senior Analyst at Lux Research, and leads the Accelerating Materials Innovation program.  Under his leadership, the Accelerating Materials Innovation program covers innovation and technology development that intersect with the future of the chemicals and materials industry, sustainability, digital transformation, and consumer transformation.  His expertise includes future materials like graphene, digital technologies like materials informatics, and challenges like the future of plastic waste. Anthony often is called upon to provide strategic advice and guidance for executives in the automotive, chemicals, and consumer goods industries.

    Anthony received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech. During his tenure at Virginia Tech, Anthony focused his research activities on biomaterial composites and nanoparticle technology and ethics.

You will also have the chance to participate in a live Q&A session where you can post any questions you may have. Limited spaces available.




Upcoming Event

"Emerging Opportunities within the Sustainable Coatings Market"

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its related travel policies, we are transforming this year's summit into a virtual event. Be assured that this event will deliver the exceptional content and quality our events are always known for.


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