Chemical Recycling Opportunities in Asia,

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05 Nov, 2020

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Promotion of plastic waste recycling has become a global issue. While Asia is the largest contributor to ocean-bound plastics and the fastest-growing region for packaging consumption, establishment of resource recycling systems is urgently needed amid tightening regulations for solid waste import in China and Southeast Asian countries. Recycled plastic has the potential to displace over 100 million tons of traditional plastic by 2030 due to new legislation and downstream demand. Where will this recycled plastic come from? Investment into advanced recycling technologies - namely depolymerization, pyrolysis, and solvent-based recycling - has positioned these technologies to threaten mechanical recycling’s dominance in the plastic waste market.

This webinar will analyze the economic factors affecting these advanced recycling technologies in the current market and potential future market scenarios. We will also delve into the latest chemical recycling scenario in Asia including regulatory environment, technology innovations, feedstock acquisition, and end markets.


•  Charles Willard, Senior Research Associate, Lux Research

•  Ying Staton, Head of Corporate Development, Plastic Energy

•  Masaki Takao, CEO & Founder, JEPLAN

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Charles Willard
Senior Research Associate
Lux Research 


Ying Staton
Head of Corporate Development
Plastic Energy 


Masaki Takao
CEO & Founder