Alternative Marine Fuels: Where's the Industry Heading in Decarbonizing Shipping?,

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27 Oct, 2020

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After IMO-2020 and COVID-19 pandemic, has the shipping industry build its resilience for another challenge? The uncertain economic climate combined with fast approaching dateline on tightening environmental legislations, is definitely making fuel switching a tough one. The inclusion of greenhouse gases such CO2 in the list of pollutants only complicates the choice for the right alternative marine fuel.

“Reducing emissions from large transoceanic ships will be particularly onerous, requiring large investments and co-ordinated efforts among fuel suppliers, ports, shipbuilders and shippers.”  ~ Energy Technology Perspectives 2020, IEA, 11 September.

Alternative shipping fuels, such as LNG, biofuels, hydrogen, methanol, ammonia are proposed as solution to decarbonise shipping. R&D and commercialisation is required to ensure sustainability, and security of fuel supply for the maritime industry.

Sign up for this 90-minutes webinar session and engage with product and maritime stakeholders to assess the pathway for alternative marine to meet IMO’s GHG reduction target by 2050. The panel is set to discuss on low carbon fuels qualities and features that shippers are looking for in the fuel switch.


•  Adrian Tolson, Director, BLUE Insight Lead

•  Frédéric Meyer, Director, Strategy, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions

•  Prashanth Athipar, Principal Technical Maritime, Supply Chain Excellence, BHP

•  Timothy Chan, Manager of Government Relations & Business Development (Asia/Middle East), Methanol Institute

•  Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO, GoodFuels

•  Rob Stevens, VP Ammonia Energy & Shipping Fuel, Yara International ASA

All participants can access to extended 1-to-1 networking, for up to 5 days after the webinar.

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Adrian Tolson
BLUE Insight Lead 


Frédéric Meyer
Director, Strategy,
Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions 


Prashanth Athipar
Principal Technical Maritime, Supply Chain Excellence,


Timothy Chan
Manager of Government Relations & Business Development (Asia/Middle East)
Methanol Institute 


Dirk Kronemeijer


Rob Stevens
VP Ammonia Energy & Shipping Fuel
Yara International ASA