10th Starch Innovations ASIA,

23 Feb, 2021

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CMT celebrates their 10th Starch ASIA event on a virtual platform this year and in line with new developments in the industry, we are pleased to improve the event to rename it as 10th Starch Innovations ASIA.

Some recent facts

•  Shortage of domestic corn supply in China has impacted cassava root prices
    - leading to higher prices

•  Export of cassava chips starting to pick up

•  Cassava Mosaic Disease is still a big issue but solutions are coming with first resistant
    varieties being released

What does the global starch market look like for this year as the whole world continues to battle Covid19 ?  
How are changes in supply and consumption patterns affecting prices ad growth for native, modified starch and sweeteners ? outlook 2020/21.  

Emsland Group has come up with new solutions and applications for waxy potato starch . Can they compete with tapioca starches ? And where are the market opportunities ?

Will China continue to usher in big corn imports through 2021 ?

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•  Simon Bentley, Managing Director, Commoditia

•  Jonathan Newby, Rural and Resource Economist, CIAT

•  Dr. Hongben Zhou Sales Manager, BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology

•  Johnny Jiang, Managing Director, Foretaste Trade

•  Vincent Melenhorst, Sales Manager, Emsland-Stärke

•  Yu ShiYao, R&D Senior Engineer, Roquette China


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Simon Bentley
Managing Director


Jonathan Newby
Rural and Resource Economist


Dr. Hongben Zhou
Sales Manager
BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology 


Johnny Jiang
Managing Director
Foretaste Trade  


Vincent Melenhorst
Sales Manager


Yu ShiYao
R&D Senior Engineer
Roquette China