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27 Apr, 2021

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E-Commerce Packaging Trends and Progress in Developing Markets  
The B2C E-Commerce market in Asia saw significant growth during the coronavirus pandemic and was expected to continue its leadership over other world regions. Major supermarkets are already experiencing unprecedented demand for online home delivery services. Changing consumers’ lifestyles towards packaged food and ready-to-eat products is expected to drive the growth of packaging in Asia. For example, food already accounts for 38 percent of the flexible packaging market in India. With rise on food deliveries, demand for packaging materials used by online retailers, and takeout joints such as boxes, tapes, labels, corrugated boxes and cartons, are expected to increase.

China maintains its role as a regional and global leader in the share of total retail sales attributed to online commerce. The booming development of the industry has facilitated people's daily life, but the packages of express parcels are also generating massive waste. The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) recently issued a notice to advance green development of e-commerce enterprises, guiding the industry to become more friendly to the environment. “China guides e-commerce sector to greener path of development”, 6 March 2021 – en.people.cn

While more customers are using e-commerce, there is also a heightened awareness of the environmental impacts of packaging. Many online retailers are increasing their sustainability efforts to reduce any negative reputation for the brand caused by inefficient use of packaging, or use of non-recyclable or non-responsibly sourced packaging.

This virtual event covers e-commerce packaging outlook including regulatory updates, challenges and opportunities in developing economies within Asia, and brand owner’s journey in preparing for changing consumer expectations.


•  (Chairperson) Sukhdev Singh Saini, Packaging Lead; Colgate Palmolive

•  Taobo Zhu, General Manager; Amcor Technology (Chengdu);
    Director of Business Development, Amcor

•  Amit Kale, Associate Vice President Sourcing and Supply Chain,
    Reliance Retail

•  Atul Tyagi, Vice President, Export Sales Industrial White BU,
    Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)

•  Varna Sudasna Na Ayutthaya, Manager – Innovation Management, SCG Packaging;
    President, Thai Package Design Association

•  Kousik Saha, Manager - Head Packaging Development Near East Region,
    Nivea India (Beiersdorf AG)

•  Mark Patterson, Vice President - Global Packaging Solutions, DHL Supply Chain

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Sukhdev Singh Saini
Packaging Lead
Colgate Palmolive 

Taobo Zhu
General Manager
Amcor Technology (Chengdu);
Director of Business Development

Amit Kale
Associate Vice President Sourcing and
Supply Chain
Reliance Retail

Kousik Saha
Manager - Head Packaging Development
Near East Region
Nivea India (Beiersdorf AG)

Atul Tyagi
Vice President
Export Sales Industrial White BU
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)

Varna Sudasna Na Ayutthaya
Manager – Innovation Management
SCG Packaging;
Thai Package Design Association

Mark Patterson
Vice President
- Global Packaging Solutions
DHL Supply Chain