Sustainable Fibre/Paper Packaging for Food & Beverage,

20 May, 2021

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The disruption from Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated e-Commerce growth and as we "sent the virus away", this online shopping habit is here to stay, globally.

At the same time, consumer environmental awareness and demand for sustainable products and packaging has increased.  Survey has shown that more consumers are inclined to shop with companies with strong sustainability commitments, and to pay a premium for these purchases.

Online retailers, food and beverage brand owners, and packaging producers have NOW both a responsibility and incentive to demonstrate their environmental stewardship.  Together there is a strong need to ensure packaging is recyclable, reusable and sustainably sourced, and contributes to an efficient supply chain.

Sustainable packaging is a growing and glowing topic in the consumer's world, products being over-packaged or delivered/presented in non-recyclable materials can lead to strong criticism and negative public feedback.

Today's packaging has its functional purpose and aesthetics branding through the unboxing experience. Food and beverage packaging needs to maintain food quality, safety compliance, temperature, and etc.

As plastics are perceived less favored form of packaging, retailers and food producers are increasingly looking for more sustainable alternatives such as fiber/paper-based solutions.

The evolution does not stop here.  Moving forward there is a continuous need for more innovative packaging (and recycling) solutions to ensure packaging is easy to recycle, require less materials (and carbon footprints), audit and sustainability.

The circular economy propelled the growth of "closing the loop", enabling the recovery, traceability and recycling for new packaging products.

Innovations in new coatings and barriers for paper packaging, as well as upcycling or alternative fibre from bamboo, barley, straw, hemp, bagasse and etc, help address the end of life requirement and more possibility for sustainable packaging solution.

Join the panel of industry lead speakers that will share insights on where and how the fiber/paper packaging is evolving for e-Commerce and Food/Beverage, what are the future trends and opportunities, emerging fibre materials and processes, and what more can be done to realise a circular economy in packaging.


- Malcolm Waugh, CEO, Frugalpac

- Jesse Rep, Director Sustainability (Division Packaging Materials), Stora Enso

- Keenan Thompson, Global Director Innovation – Packaging, Anheuser-Busch InBev

- Sándor Kettinger, CE Buying Manager (Stationery/Shopping bags), Tesco

- Joachim Quoden, Managing Director, EXPRA - Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance

Date: 20 May 2021

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Joachim Quoden
Managing Director
EXPRA - Extended Producer
Responsibility Alliance

Malcolm Waugh


Jesse Rep
Director Sustainability
(Division Packaging Materials)
Stora Enso


Keenan Thompson
Global Director Innovation – Packaging
Anheuser-Busch InBev


Sándor Kettinger
CE Buying Manager
(Stationery/Shopping bags)