Decarbonizing Energy from Waste & CCS,

08 Jul, 2021

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The world is generating more waste than ever. The unexpected advent of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated online shopping and e-Commerce, but also the waste accumulation from personal protective equipment (e.g. masks), food leftovers and packaging disposal.

We are well informed on how poorly managed waste is detrimental to the nature and environment. Some of these waste can be recycled, but bulk of them ends up in landfills, which takes up land space, hence a sustainable solution is required.

Countries are considering waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies, to solve the waste management issue, and helps to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gases (GHG). Less waste disposal to landfills means less methane and other GHGs, and energy from waste also reduces the dependence on fossil fuels which translate to further GHGs reduction.

And in climate change leading region, waste management and environmental organizations in Europe, are taking a step further with carbon capture and storage (CCS) to achieve, eventually, net-negative emission.

Using CCS in the waste-to-energy industry presents a particular opportunity for bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS); one of the few abatement technologies that can be carbon negative. BECCS involves the utilisation of biomass as an energy source and the capture and permanent storage of the CO2 produced.
~ Global CCS Institute

Developing a waste to energy facility requires a sane combination of regulation, technology, waste capacity (and types), financing and social support. What more will be required for the CCS abatement technologies to be installed in a WtE facility?

Join us at 09:30 hrs CEST on 8 July 2021, as the panel of commercial experts will walk you through this value chain to decabonize waste to net-negative clean energy with WtE + CCS!


•  Stephen Peters, Senior Energy Specialist (Waste to Energy), Energy Advisory Group ENE,
    SDCC, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters

•  Jannicke Gerner Bjerkas, Director CCS, Fortum Oslo Varme AS

•  Peter Doyle, Partner, Gilbert + Tobin

•  Alexander Danne, Partner, Gilbert + Tobin

•  Craig Eyes, Director, Recovered Energy Australia

•  Paul Davies, Group Strategy & Business Development Director, Viridor Ltd.

•  Jacob H. Simonsen, CEO, ARC - Amager Ressourcecenter

•  Darshak Mehta, Consultant, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters

•  Janek Vahk, Climate Change & Energy Coordinator, Zero Waste Europe

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Stephen Peters
Senior Energy Specialist (Waste to Energy)
Energy Advisory Group ENE, SDCC
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters

Jannicke Gerner Bjerkas
Director CCS
Fortum Oslo Varme AS

Peter Doyle
Gilbert + Tobin

Alexander Danne
Gilbert + Tobin

Craig Eyes
Recovered Energy Australia

Jacob H. Simonsen
ARC - Amager Ressourcecenter

Paul Davies
Group Strategy &
Business Development Director
Viridor Ltd.


Darshak Mehta
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Janek Vahk
Climate Change & Energy Coordinator
Zero Waste Europe