LPGtrade into 2022,

01 Dec, 2021

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As we look forward to the next “in-person” LPGtrade Summit in 2022, this 3-hours agenda “Global LPG Markets into 2022” aims to bring the global LPG trade stakeholders together virtually, as we pave our way into a brand new year.


Take this opportunity to refresh on the current market fundamentals on global demand/supply market dynamics, updates and what to anticipated in key markets (e.g. China and India).


Join us on 1 Dec and unfold the answer to the following too!


  • How fast the US will be able to increase its production & how much of this increase will make it to the water?

  • How much additional production & exports the market should anticipate from the Middle East as a result of the OPEC+ & local geopolitical decisions?

  • What other changes are expected in the global LPG seaborne supply?

  • Petrochemical demand capacity is growing rapidly; is there enough LPG available to support this growth? What will be the implication of a forthcoming short year?

  • Retail demand is dependent on winter weather; is the market ready for a cold spell & what could be the results?

  • Overview of the seaborne petrochemical markets & how their economics can be affected by the supply/demand dynamics in 2022

  • Will petrochemical markets be the balancing mechanism for the LPG markets in 2022?

  • How the VLGC supply/demand balance affect the freight rates in 2022?

  • Will LPG prices rationalize in/after Q1-2022, or the year will remain tight throughout? What is the expectation for the major market arbs?


Join us at 14:30 SGT (GMT+8) on 1 December 2021, together with our speakers (to-date), including:


  • Michael Panas, Managing Consultant, NGLStrategy 
  • Emma Lamb, Lead Consultant, NGLStrategy

  • Ong Han Wee, Marketing Manager, Wanhua Chemical

  • Sachin Agarwal, General Manager (LPG-Operations), Indian Oil Corp 

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Michael Panas
Managing Consultant,



Emma Lamb
Lead Consultant,



Ong Han Wee
Marketing Manager,
Wanhua Chemical



Sachin Agarwal
General Manager (LPG-Operations),
Indian Oil Corp