2nd Sustainable Feedstock for the future of Chemicals & Plastics,

31 Mar, 2022

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The ambition to achieve lower carbon footprint & net-zero target, coupled with growing pressure from governments and society to move away from fossil-based economy to a more sustainable model has prompted the chemical industry to make significant efforts to diversify its feedstock base, particularly through increased use of sustainable raw materials.

However, securing sustainable feedstocks remains a challenge. Companies are investigating novel technologies to increase the utilization of sustainable feedstocks, from carbon capture and utilization, Lignocellulosic and marine biomasses, HVO, sugarcane, beet, canola, algae,  to closing the loop by utilizing the plastic waste stream, and many others.

Eastman to invest up to $1 billion to accelerate circular economy through building world’s largest molecular plastics recycling facility in France.  www.eastman.com, 17/1/22

Chemical recycling is the way of the future. Shell alone has the ambition to recycle 1 million tonnes of plastic waste worldwide by 2025 into a pyrolysis oil that can be converted into bio-naphtha. 
www.biobaseddelta.com, 9/12/21

Mitsui chemicals to adopt bio-based hydrocarbon feedstock at Osaka site.
www.chemengonline.com 16/12/21

Join us and our expert speakers at CMT’s 2nd Sustainable Feedstocks for the future of Chemicals & Plastics on 31 March at 1430 CEST (GMT+2). They will share insights on the various sustainable feedstocks options, technology innovations, supply chain, project updates & commercialization plans.

Expert Speakers:

- Anthony Schiavo, Research Director,
Lux Research Inc.

- Phil D Turley, Global GM – Circular Plastics Economy,

- Rachel Brenc, Chief of Staff to the CEO,  

- Mya Yeo, Head of Sustainable Partnerships, Asia Pacific, Renewables Polymers and Chemical, Neste

- Philippe Lavoisier, CEO & Co-Founder,

- Inari Seppä, Technology Innovation Director,

- Keith Edwards- VP - Business Development, Danimer Scientific

- Dr. Justine Li, Vice President, Strategic Partnership, BioSolutions, Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

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Anthony Schiavo
Research Director
Lux Research


Phil D Turley
Global GM – Circular Plastics Economy


Inari Seppa
Director - Circular Economy Advocacy,
Sustainability & Circular Solutions

Philippe Lavoisier


Senior Representative


Senior Representative