5th CEE Rubber & Tire Markets,

20-21 Oct, 2011 - Vienna, AUSTRIA

NH Danube City

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Top Rubber Expert Explores Challenges Faced by Tire Market in the Post-Recession Period

Posted on : 14 Sep, 2011


Tire market outlook in Americas & Europe and impact on global tradeTire market outlook in Americas and Europe and impact on global trade” is an insightful video presentation by Mr. Robert Simmons, Head of Rubber and Tyre Research Division, LMC International Ltd.


In the presentation made at the 6th Global Rubber and Tire Markets in Jakarta, Indonesia last June, Mr. Simmons analyzes the tire market recession in 2009 and the recovery process in US, Europe and Asia. Some of the key topics covered in the video include:

  • Truck sector was the hardest hit in the 2009 recession; especially in the US, Europe and Japan
  • Tire sales and replacement sales in Europe are still below the pre-recession levels
  • While there is an increase in European imports of Chinese tires, US imports have gone down
  • Increased protectionism in tire trade by advanced markets, including the US and Europe

... plus much more.


Given its relevance, this video is now being offered as a prelude to the upcoming 5th CEE Rubber & Tire Markets conference to be held in Vienna on the 20 and 21 October 2011.


This upcoming 1.5 day event aims to zoom in specifically on key developments and outlook of the butadiene and natural rubber trends as well as on prices of synthetic and natural rubber that have risen amid rising crude prices and harvest woes.


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