Stevia World 2009,

14-15 May, 2009 - Shanghai, CHINA

Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong Hotel

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What is Reb A & Stevia? Will this exciting cash crop offer hope in the recession? Find answers to these questions & more at the Stevia World interview.

Posted on : 20 Apr, 2009



We put Mr. Dorn Wenninger, PureCircle’s Corporate VP- Global Supply Chain on the Hot Seat, & asked him to share answers on pressing questions including 'Why Stevia is one of 2009's hottest investment opportunities?'. 


Stevia burst into consumer awareness last year when major F&B manufacturers including Pepsi Co & Coca Cola launched their stevia sweetened products as the healthy & tasty alternative for the health conscious consumer. This came on the wings of the WHO JEFCA’s approval for Stevia as safe for human consumption and the FDA’s GRAS No Objection letters for Stevia sweetener Reb A manufactured and distributed by Cargill, Whole Earth Sweetener Company and PureCircle.


This had huge implications for the industry, as it marked a dramatic shift in the regulatory environment for stevia, and opened a whole new market category for stevia sweeteners.


Stevia has become the hottest new cash crop opportunity for those in the agribusiness sector, and Reb A has become a valuable commodity in the ingredients, food and beverage industries; demand for Reb A and Stevia sweeteners is expected to spike in the near future.


However, the fact remains that there is relatively little known about Stevia, mainly because there is so little information available on the market potential for stevia & Reb A.


PureCircle, the world’s largest Reb A manufacturers, is at the heart of these exciting new developments in the stevia sector, and best placed to share insights on where the Stevia industry is headed in the near future, and what needs to be done.


Taking all of this into consideration, we sat down for a conference call with Mr. Dorn Wennigner, VP Supply Chain at PureCircle to find out where the industry stands & identify critical gaps in knowledge. During our discussion, Mr Wenninger shared an overview on what needs to be done in terms of project development and marketing priorities.


Mr. Wenninger shares startling facts & insights on true potential for Stevia & Reb-A sweeteners.


Dorn Wenninger is the Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain for PureCircle, and is responsible for all supply side operations, from breeding, propagation, production, joint ventures, extraction, refinery factories and logistics. He has over 16 years of Experience in the Agri-Business Industry and has worked with Agri Business giants including Driscolls and Chiquita Brands.


Mr Wenninger’s  current responsibilities at Pure Circle have given him a unique perspective on the complete Stevia Value Chain from the cultivation of Stevia to the extraction, refining & marketing of Reb-A.



In the informative 20 minute discussion, Mr Wenninger shared some important facts on key questions on Reb-A & Stevia including:

  • What is Rebaudioside A and how is it different from other Stevia sweeteners?
  • What is the current market value for Stevia and its potential in the next 2-3 years?
  • What are the factors that will drive the growth of the Stevia sector?
  • How much of the Sugar and sweetener market can Reb A penetrate?
  • What are some challenges that stevia needs to overcome for global adoption?

… Plus many more.

The interview was packed with facts and candid reviews of the Stevia value chain and is a must listen if you want an insider's view on the Stevia industry. This exciting interview is our gift to you!


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