5th Biomass Trade & Power Europe,

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05-06 Feb, 2020 - Copenhagen, DENMARK

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

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Opening Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks

Mr. Brodie Govan, Biomass Broker

Voyage Power Ltd


Overview of the European Wood Pellet Market

  • Pellet pricing has witnessed record swings in the past twelve-months, we will explore the catalyst & drivers & examine if price swings between summer & winter are now the norm?
  • An insight into whether supply & demand streams will converge in Europe in the year ahead
  • Do we see scope for new pellet production capacity to be built for the European market, and new demand emerging?
  • Are we set to see more alternative fuels in Europe, and how do they compare on price to wood pellets?

Ms. April Poore, Acting Editor

Argus Media Ltd


Global Producer Panel

  • An overview of key trends & market perspective from some of the major suppliers
  • Is new capacity being built for Europe, or what challenges does the lack of it bring?
  • Do we see new markets for producers?
  • We examine how easy it is for producers to meet the various sustainability criteria across Europe & the role of SBP
  • We look at producer strategy on selling prompt vs. long-term

Mr. Thomas Meth, Co-Founder & Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

Enviva LP

Harold Arnold, President

Fram Renewable Fuels L.L.C.

Mr. Vaughan Bassett, Senior Vice President

Pinnacle Renewable Energy


Mr. Raul Kirjanen, CEO

AS Graanul Invest


Discussion followed by Networking Tea


Germany: Potential for a Biomass Revolution

  • What is the current policy & status of the German biomass market?
  • Why is there so much hype about future demand, is it justified?
  • Where is the demand likely to come from, and what do we do now today for fact?

Mr. Robert Seehawer, Senior Project Manager

European Energy Exchange AG (EEX)


Biomass: Does it have a Social License to Operate? (A conversation between Enviva & RWE)

  • Has producing wood pellets for export and consuming them in a power plant become accepted by stakeholders, society and NGOs?
  • Has the environmental narrative on biomass changed over the years, and how is it currently viewed inside and outside of the industry?
  • What have we got right in terms of the growth of the Japanese market that we can adopt to help in the likes of Germany?
  • How is biomass viewed inside a large European utility, and how does it compare to alternative forms of power generation?
  • Once a producer has chosen a new site to develop a plant, what steps need to happen in that community to garner support and approval?

Mr. Thomas Meth, Co-Founder & Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

Enviva LP

Mr. Henry Pease, Biomass Trader / Renewable Energy Trading

RWE Supply & Trading GmbH


The Next Generation of Wood Pellets – Insight on the Black Pellet Market

  • Analysis on Arbaflame technology & pellet quality
  • Discussion on the development for black pellets in Europe & North America
  • What is the potential within the bio-chemicals sector & what feedstocks can be used?

Mr. Bjørn Halvard Knappskog, CEO

Arbaflame AS


Networking Cocktail Reception for Participants & Speakers


End of Day 1


Morning Chair’s Welcome


Overview of the International Wood Chip Market

  • An insight into market developments during the past twelve-months
  • Where is the supply hubs, and who are the key consumers?
  • Is the market becoming more standardized and what are the challenges?
  • Can it become a fuel for long-term supply, or will it be a prompt/spot fuel?

Ms. Rachael Levinson, Biomass Research Manager

Hawkins Wright Ltd.


Panel: The Growth of the Wood Chip Market

  • What has changed in the last twelve-months in the market?
  • Is there signs the supply sources are starting to mature and develop?
  • Are wood chips purely bought for consumption or is trading emerging?
  • Can wood chips be purchased on long term contracts?

Ms. Rachael Levinson, Biomass Research Manager

Hawkins Wright Ltd.

Mr. Morten Algreen Nielsen, Biomass Procurement Officer, Fuel & Logistics

Hofor A/S


Mr. Janis Krastins, Biomass Trader/Analyst


Mr. Juan Prados Edwards, Managing Director

Generandi SL


Discussion followed by Networking Coffee


The European Biomass Landscape: A look at Policy, Public Relations & Perception

  • How far has biomass come in the European energy mix, and what barriers does it still have to cross to convince the doubters?
  • What is the future for the Renewable Energy Directive in Europe?
  • Do we see signs that Member States will extend subsidy programs for biomass?
  • Where could we see future growth in Europe?

Mr. Seth Ginther, Executive Director

US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA)


Asian Overview: Japanese and Korean Supply & Demand

  • Insight into the current Japanese and Korean consumption & imports
  • What is the current policy in Korea & Japan and is it changing?
  • Will more new Japanese projects be announced, or has it peaked?
  • Will South East Asia supply become more dominant & be used for long-term contracts?
  • What has happened to the South Korean market in terms of demand & pricing?

Mr. Ryuu Lee, Manager, Material Dept, Renewable Energy Section

Hanwa Thailand Co., Ltd


Dry Bulk Freight Overiew: Outlook & Challenges for the Coming Years

  • Assessment of the supramax, handysize & coaster market for the year-ahead
  • What impact are we seeing so far from the new Sulphur regulations?
  • Examine additional regulations that could impact the market

Mr. Derek Langston, Senior Director

SSY Consultancy & Research


Discussion followed by Networking Luncheon


European Utility & Trader Panel

  • Expert projections on supply & demand for the year ahead 
  • Insight into the key price drivers in the European & Asian pellet market
  • A discussion on how to make the wood pellet market more standardized.
  • Where is future demand & new markets likely to emerge?

Mr. Fabien Mehu, Head of Biomass Trading

Engie Energy Management Scrl


Mr. Søren Alsing, Head of Fuel, BioEnergy & Thermal Power


Mr. Michael Hjorth Christensen, COO

CM Biomass Partners A/S

Mr. Christian Joore, Lead Trader

Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH


Mr. Martin de Wolff, Head of Biomass, Solid Fuels / Biofuel Trading

RWE Supply & Trading GmbH. HQ


Discussion followed by Networking Tea


Baltic and Russian Supply – The Growth, Challenges & the Future

  • Can production continue to grow & fill the gap left by North American exports to Japan?
  • How much does both regions produce, and what are the key trading routes?
  • Is Russia becoming an easier region to source from in terms of credibility & logistics?
  • What is the role of Belarus, and how large a supplier can it become?

Mr. Michael Hjorth Christensen, COO

CM Biomass Partners A/S


The Italian Heating Market: In-depth look at Europe’s Largest Enplus Consumer

  • What is Italian demand & is it set to grow?
  • Where does the supply come from and what is the split between domestic vs. imported pellets?
  • What drives the Italian demand and why is similar growth not seen across Europe?

Mr. Pietro Di Sarno, Commercial Director & CEO Trading Division



Final Discussion followed by End of Conference


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