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10-12 Oct, 2023 - Rotterdam, HYBRID

Hilton Rotterdam



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Opportunities for Fibre-based Packaging in Food-Contact Packaging


Finding Coated Fibre-based Packaging Material that Optimally PROTECTS & PRESERVES Kiwifruit Freshness Through Month-Long Cool Chain Processes

  • Material requirements to keep optimal fruit quality over months long cool chain storage 
  • Fruit physiology & how it is impacted
  • Automation requirements

Mr. Walter van Pareen, Packaging Technical Leader

Zespri International Ltd


Barrier Measurement, Performance & Retention of High Barrier Paper-based Materials

  • Latest developed barrier paper-based materials achieve nowadays performance levels close to or even better than classical barrier packaging materials
  • They remain however sensitive to various stresses during testing, operations & use
  • This talk will present some of these issues and how to address them

Dr. Yves Wyser, Expert Packaging & Shelf Life, Nestlé Institute of Packaging Science

Nestlé Research


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Paper based Material Barrier: Effect on Recyclability, Biodegradability/Compostability & Safety?

  • Barrier is necessary even the knowledge in recycling & biodegradability should be investigated
  • Connection between safety on food contact & ended of life (recyclability & biodegradability test)
  • Laboratory simulation study on recyclability in connection with safety & potential contaminants

Mr. Andrea Vittadello, Project Manager Packaging Safety and Sustainability

Mérieux NutriSciences Italia - Chelab S.r.l.


Best Practice Examples of Recyclable Food Contact Paper Packaging

  • Special design for recycling requirements for food contact paper packaging
  • Best practice examples
  • Outlook: what are the challenges & chances in recycling

Ms. Antonia Schuettler, Project Manager at "Made for Recycling"

Interseroh+ GmbH


Novel Barrier Technologies for Fiber-Based Substrates

  • Versatile technological approach for barrier applications
  • Innovation to further advance barrier technologies
  • Requirements for successful packaging development

Mr. Wilke Föllscher, Sales & Business Development Manager Paper Mills



Recyclable High-Barrier Paper-based Flexible Packaging Solution – A Collaborative Effort

Over the past four years, BOBST has been working in collaboration with its partners to develop and bring to the market sustainable flexible packaging solutions. The main focus of this work was on recyclable and recycling-ready mono-material polymer and mono-material paper-based solutions with high and ultra-high barrier performance.
This presentation looks at the work conducted in order to develop paper-based solutions, which are based on metallized but also AlOx coating in order to create barrier functionality. It will cover the challenges experienced during the vacuum coating process of paper, the measurements and analysis required in order to ensure good performance and quality of the vacuum coated paper and finally, the recyclability of the paper solution.

Mr. Dennis Hughill, Regional Sales Director - Western Hemisphere.



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Dispersion Coatings in Barrier Paper Packaging

  • Challenges & approaches to improve barrier performance of fiber based packaging
  • Case studies
  • What could be the future in liquid barrier coatings?

Dr. Bernhard Kainz, Global Technology Leader Barrier Coatings

Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH


The Challenging Path from R&D to Industrial Readiness for Dispersion Coated Barrier Papers in Food Packaging

  • The application window of dispersion coatings in food packaging
  • The contradiction of barrier & recyclability performance
  • DELSCI & delfort – industrial upscaling of Prototypes  

Mr. Herwig Kirchberger, Managing Director

Delsci GmbH


Applying Barriers to Dry Molded Fiber Packaging


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How Natural Polymer Barrier Platforms are Reducing Food Waste

  • Natural polymer value chain
  • Performance property space
  • Environmental benefits & Regulatory compliance
  • Market adoption & Case Studies

Mr. Tom Black, Director of International Business - Plantic

Kuraray America Inc. (KAI)


Panel Discussion - What is Shaping Development of Fibre-based Packaging for Food Contact (Regulation, New functionalities, Customer requirement)

Mr. Fredric Petit, Partner

Emerald Technology Ventures AG


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Commitment to Fiber-based Packaging & Sustainability Benefits of Molded Fiber

  • What’s happening within the area of molded fiber from Stora Enso view?
  • What can Stora Enso offer to those active or who consider starting with molded fiber (it’s more than just pulp!)?

Mr. Karl Axnäs, Head of Fiber as a Service

Stora Enso


Our Journey to Sustainable Packaging

An inspirational journey on how Philips will eliminate all plastic parts & replace them with fiber-based solutions. This presentation will give an inside on the steps that Philips has taken in the journey, the pain point & will be highlighted by some great case studies from Beauty & One Blade Brand.

Mr. Niels Prinsen, Senior Structural Packaging Designer

Philips International BV


Dry Molded Fiber: Scaling Up for Sustainable Change

  • Background: PulPac founded for sustainability & the technology
  • Machinery: Dry Molded Fiber is a process - here's the machinery that utilizes it
  • What now? One of our focus areas: deep-drawn products such as the salad bowl & bottle collective with PA Consulting 
  • The PulPac ecosystem: working together is key - & the time to change is now

Ms. Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer

PulPac AB


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The Cullen Fibre Bottle – The World’s First Scalable Paper Bottle

  • The Power of Paper on the journey to replacing single-use plastic packaging
  • Moulded Fibres scope & the opportunity
  • The Fibre Bottle, it’s journey from creation to plastic solution
  • The need for innovation & scale

Mr. Chris McNeill, Head of R&D

Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging


Panel Discussion - Where or What are the Potential for Molded Fiber in Europe?

  • Food Service, Premium Packaging or Advanced Functional Products (e.g. coffee capsules)?
  • Do we see a Geographical Shift in Production?
Moderated by:

Mr. Ian Bates, European Marketing & Partnership Director

Two Sides Limited


Networking Luncheon


Afternoon Chairman


Opportunities of Alternative Material Sources for Fiber Molding

  • What are alternative fiber sources?
  • Test results of real pilot runs with alternative fibers
  • Chances & development potentials of using alternative fiber sources in fiber molding

Ms. Olga Holzmann, Natural Fiber Specialist

Kiefel GmbH


The Future of Plant-based Molded Packaging

  • What plant fibres make good molded packaging?
  • Replacing non-renewable, fossil-intensive resources e.g. single-use plastic
  • Cradle-to-Cradle design - a regenerative, circular approach
  • Powered by sunshine & agriwaste
  • Designed for recyclability
  • Contaminates e.g. PFA’s - The DuPont story

Mr. Ian Bates, European Marketing & Partnership Director

Two Sides Limited


Dry Forming – A Disruptive Technology with Potential to Replace Plastic Packaging, at Scale

  • Key environmental benefits of dry forming technology & why this new technology is so disruptive
  • Shares the current applications, limitations & challenges of dry forming technology
  • How the dry forming process differs from other sustainable packaging solutions currently on the market
  • How partners in the entire packaging value chain can accelerate innovation for a more sustainable future

Ms. Linnea Johnsson, Head of Customer Projects



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Wood Fibre Closure Caps for Beverage Carton – Wet-/Thermoforming & Surface Modification to Reduce Liquid Absorption

  • Wood pulp fibres were screened & tested for wet- & thermoforming
  • A beverage carton closure cap was developed based on wood pulp fibres
  • The closure caps were surface-modified to reduce liquid absorption & functionality tests were performed

Dr. Gary Chinga Carrasco, Lead scientist - Biocomposites



Enhancing Molded Pulp Packaging Performance with MFC Platelets

  • Dive-in on Next Generation of MFC materials
  • MFC materials as game changer in molded pulp technology
  • Balancing barrier functionality with recyclability & biodegradability of paper packaging

Mr. Alexander Leo Bardenstein, R&D Business Manager

Danish Technological Institute


What can Chemistry Do to Help You Boost Productivity & Functionality


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Emerging Trends in Paper Recycling

Mr. Olivier Thomas, CEO

Suez Trading Europe - Suez Groupe


Compliance by Design for Sustainable Packaging Application

  • Global regulatory trend, regulatory product risk assessment & classification of your sustainable product
  • Compostable & Biodegradable: Current testing & certification requirements
  • Manage complexity through digitalization: The compliance process (Raw material selection, passing through testing up to Declaration of compliance creation)

Mr. Marco Scialpi, Global Business Development Manager

Foodchain ID


EPR Scheme As A Driver For Circular Fiber-based Packaging

  • How can EPR schemes help industry to optimize recyclability of fiber-based packaging?
  • Showcases of realized projects & journeys set up with companies to develop recyclable alternatives.
  • How can we continue to guarantee the recycling of fiber-based packaging in future?

Mr. Lieven Capon, Innovation Cluster Manager



Networking Morning Coffee


Circularity of Fiber Based Packaging Materials

  • Circularity starts in the forest
  • Circularity requires collaboration
  • Circular design of packaging

Mr. Jesse Rep, Head of Sustainability



Key Challenges for Life Cycle Assessment of Fibre Products

  • Accounting for carbon embodied in fibre products  - from production through to end of life
  • How will LCA of fibre change as demand for fibre grows and the world looks to net zero emissions
  • What are the impacts of alternative fibre sources and their implications for the circular economy

Mr. Timothy Grant, Director and Founder

Lifecycles (Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd)


Packaging Application from Recycled Fiber


Panel Discussion - Panel Discussion – Compostability OR Recyclability: End-of Life Options for Fibre-based Packaging & Impact of PPWR


Networking Luncheon


Afternoon Chairman


How does Packaging Designing & Functionalities affect Recyclability?

  • Framework & Technical aspects of recycling
  • Harmonized Test Method for Recyclability Testing of fibre-based packaging
  • Packaging design aspects

Ms. Marie Geissler, Project member

Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)


Recyclability of Barrier Paper Packaging

  • How to assess the recyclability of paper packaging
  • Challenges of barrier paper recycling
  • Opportunities of innovative barrier paper packaging

Mr. Jonathan Scheck, Packaging Engineer

Interseroh+ GmbH


Panel Discussion - Recyclability of Barrier Paper Packaging


Ms. Marie Geissler, Project member

Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)


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