2nd Net Zero with Nature Based Solutions,

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23-24 Apr, 2024 - Singapore, HYBRID

Aloft Singapore Novena


Registration & Networking Tea/Coffee


Chairman’s Introduction


Navigating the Policy Landscape - Regulatory Frameworks and Incentives for NbS Development

  • Overview of existing/new policies and regulations related to NbS
  • Identify gaps and inconsistencies in policy frameworks that hinder NbS adoption.
  • Highlight successful policy initiatives that incentivize and enable NbS projects in specific regions.
  • Explore diverse incentive mechanisms like carbon markets, tax breaks, subsidies, and payment for ecosystem services.

Mr. Bhagyesh Dash, Director Climate Investments, APAC

South Pole Group


Bridging the Financing Gap - Funding, Partnerships, and Market Strategies across company lifecycle of Nature-Based Solutions

  • Discuss the limited access to traditional financing due to perceived risks, unproven business models, and long payback periods.
  • How can fund managers actively support NbS companies to build up their growth strategy and work as long-term partners.
  • Share successful case studies of NbS companies that bridged the valley of death and scaled up their impact.
  • Explore how cutting-edge technologies like AI and data analytics can improve risk assessment and bring sustainable value creation to attract investors.

Mr. Antoine Raes, Investment Director

Mirova - affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers


Building Carbon Markets 2.0: How Remote Sensing Data Can Provide Confidence In NbS Beyond The Standards

  • Carbon market trends and challenges
  • Remote sensing use cases
  • Considerations when using remote sensing data
  • Case Study: Cambodia deforestation analysis

Dr. Murray Collins, CEO & Founder

Space Intelligence Ltd


Networking Tea/Coffee Break


Setting the Stage: Preparing for a model NbS Project

  • What qualifies to be a true Nature-based Solution – redefining quality
  • The ground work that is required – the project before the project
  • Creating a sense of ownership - Community buy-in, benefit sharing mechanism
  • Share inspirational examples of model NbS projects in the making - Great Green Wall of Gujarat, India

Mr. Chinmaya Thonse, Regional Director, Asia



Community-Based Blue Carbon Projects: Empowering Local Stakeholders for Effective Conservation

  • How can we ensure the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of blue carbon projects?
  • Can blue carbon projects create new economic opportunities for coastal communities?
  • How can we address policy and regulatory barriers to blue carbon project development in APAC?

Dr. Yiwei Wang, Nature based solutions coordinator for Asia Pacific

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)


Panel Discussion: The Landscape of NbS in Asia - Opportunities, Challenges, and Regional Synergies

  • Identify opportunities for cross-border collaborations and knowledge sharing on NbS between different Asian countries, leveraging regional strengths and addressing shared challenges.

Mr. Peter Stephen, Regional Director, Asia-Pacific



Networking Lunch


Chairman’s Introduction


Urban Greening - Building Sustainable Cities with Parks, Green Roofs, and Natural Infrastructure

• Discuss the integration of nature-based solutions (NbS) in urban infrastructure, like bioretention swales and rainwater harvesting systems.
• Explore the potential of technology and smart systems for managing and monitoring urban green spaces.
• Address the limitations of land availability in cities and propose greening solutions within existing infrastructure.
• Address maintenance and long-term sustainability challenges of urban green infrastructure.

Mr. Peter Stones, Senior Engineer

Arup (Singapore)


Pitching the Future - Innovative NbS Concepts and Solutions for Next-Gen Projects

  • Emphasize how NbS can go beyond traditional approaches and offer multi-faceted benefits across sectors.
  • The importance of incorporating technology-based solutions (TbS) and nature-based solutions (NbS) for net gain
  • Showcasing global NbS innovation – what we have learnt.

Mr. Peter Stephen, Regional Director, Asia-Pacific



Networking Tea/Coffee Break


Nature and Climate Trends: Assessing Risks and Opportunities


Building a Model NbS Project: Lessons Learned from MinTrees - Asia's First Cocoa Agroforestry Carbon Project

  • Define what makes a "model" NbS project and set clear criteria for success (environmental, social, economic).
  • Share inspirational examples of successful NbS projects in Asia or globally, highlighting their key features and contributions.
  • Emphasize the importance of learning from both successes and failures, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in NbS implementation.

Mr. Florian Reimer, Chief Operating Officer

Kennemer Eco Solutions


Unlocking Nature’s Value - Verra’s New Framework for Biodiversity Crediting and Scope 3 Solutions

  • Introducing Verra’s new ARR Methodology and REDD+
  • Latest updates on Verra’s Nature Framework for generating and trading biodiversity credits.
  • Latest updates on Verra’s Scope 3 program

Ms. Naomi Swickard, Senior Director REDD+ Program Development and Innovation



End of Day 1


Networking Reception for Speakers & Delegates



Investing in Nature's Future - Unveiling Investment Opportunities and Commercial Models for Profitable Nature-Based Solutions Projects

  • Highlight the risks and uncertainties that deter private investors from engaging in NbS.
  • Introduce different blended finance models used for NbS projects, such as grants-in-aid, guarantees, risk-sharing mechanisms, and impact bonds.
  • Explore the potential of leveraging carbon credits and ecosystem services payments for scaling up NbS projects.

Mr. Martin Lemoine, Unit Head, Agribusiness, Singapore

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Digital MRV in the Voluntary Carbon Market - Monitoring, Verification, and Data-Driven Solutions for NbS

  • Addressing existing VCM shortcomings and how dMRV addresses issues like lack of transparency, high cost, and data gaps.
  • Showcasing the potential of eDNA, camera trapping, remote sensing and AI to streamline data collection, improving project accuracy and reducing verification costs.
  • Demonstrating real world examples of dMRV in action

Ms. Natasha Han, Forest Intelligence Coordinator - Greater Mekong

WWF Singapore


Cultivating a Sustainable Future: Olam Agri's Journey with Nature-Based Solutions


Networking Tea/Coffee Break


Beyond Carbon Credits: Exploring the Full Potential of Nature-Based Solutions in Indonesia

• What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for developing and scaling up NBS projects in Indonesia?
• Regulatory framework updates for carbon trading and NBS projects in Indonesia
• How can the government and private sector work together to create a more enabling environment for NBS development in Indonesia?

Dr. Riza Suarga, Chairman

Indonesia Carbon Trade Association (IDCTA)


Panel Discussion: Emission Reductions, Removals, differing markets & standards - Which pricing trends to watch in 2024?

  • Analyse potential price adjustments reflecting the inherent difference between reducing and removing emissions.
  • Impact of CORSIA and Article 6: Explore how these regulatory schemes will impact market dynamics and pricing for emission reductions and removals.
  • Differing market rules and standards: Discuss how market fragmentation due to varying standards can affect price discovery and transparency.

Ms. Anna Stablum, Business Development Director, Asia



Dr. Riza Suarga, Chairman

Indonesia Carbon Trade Association (IDCTA)


Golden Agri-Resources’s Nature Based Solutions Initiatives - Protecting Carbon Sinks and Biodiversity

  • Identify key challenges to effective forest conservation and restoration, including land tenure issues, illegal logging, and policy gaps in Indonesia.
  • Discuss the critical role of indigenous communities and local stakeholders in forest management and restoration, highlighting their traditional knowledge and leadership.
  • GAR’s future plans

Ms. Desti Hertanti, Head of Nature Based Solutions and Landscape, Sustainability and Strategic Projects Division

PT. Sinar Mas Agro Resources And Technology Tbk. (SMART TBK.)


Networking Lunch & Close of conference


End of Day 2


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