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13-15 May, 2024 - Tokyo, JAPAN

Tokyo Marriott Hotel

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Uniexport Group
is a leading and pioneering supplier of wood pellets in Vietnam and Asia, with a substantial 15-years experience.

Uniexport currently owns 4 production plants situated in the southern region of Vietnam with annual production capacity up to 500,000MT. Together with 4 forthcoming expansion projects in the south, central highlands, and northern parts of Vietnam, Uniexport's total production capacity is anticipated to reach 700,000MT by 2024 and surpass 1,000,000MT by 2025.

Growing with its production capacity coupled with the global demand for sustainability, Uniexport takes the lead in obtaining certifications including SBP, FSC, GGL among others. The company has established a long-term and strong relationship with reputable conglomerates from Europe, Japan, and South Korea to provide green fuel and achieve the common goal of zero emissions.



CellMark is a privately-owned, independent marketing and supply chain services company providing products, services and solutions to customers and suppliers all over the world. We facilitate trade and business development across multiple industries using our many local offices and professional expertise.

Through a network of 70-plus offices in 30-plus countries, we provide a full suite of services: sourcing, sales and marketing, exclusive representation, finance, logistics, regulatory compliance, business development and custom chemicals manufacturing. We also partner with clients to identify new business opportunities that add value to their processes and products, or sometimes serve purely as an external sales or sourcing division for our client.

CellMark has achieve USD 4.2 billion sales turnover, with volume of almost 7 million tons annually. Our footprint is in more than 120 markets.

CellMark Energy Asia started our foothold since Y2015 and had trade 4.5 million ton into Korea and Japan. We will continue expand our presences in Korea and Japan, targeting 1 million ton of pellet and 500,000 BDMT of woodchips annually.

Energy Asia has strong sourcing team to build relationships with suppliers from various Asia markets namely Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. With support from our suppliers, we successfully entered long term annual supply agreements.


is an independent renewable energy developer and power producer. We develop, own, and operate solar PV, biomass, wind, and geothermal power plants. RENOVA’s goal is to become Asia’s leader in renewable energy. 

Developing renewable power plants is only one aspect of RENOVA’s business. Once completed, each power plant will produce sustainable energy for several decades, and therefore, we place great importance on working closely with the local communities that our power plants are a part of.

We seek to create value in partnership with local communities. When developing new power plants, we conduct extensive analysis on the site, weather patterns, and other environmental and geophysical conditions. Equally important however, is determining how we can contribute to communities and the local economy. With each project, we seek to understand the community’s needs and values, and in partnership with community leaders, local governments, and businesses, we work to develop and operate a successful project for all stakeholders.




Hanwa Co., Ltd. is a leading Japan - based global trading company, we are globally operating wide range of fields, such as iron, steel, energy and foods.

Hanwa has constantly pursued growth in its value as a company. Since our inception in 1947, Hanwa has conducted aggressive business operations based on the "management that takes the offensive" with the goal of further increasing our value as a company.

Hanwa has started biomass business from 2013 and has reached trade volume as 1 million ton annually for PKS and 500,000MT annually for Wood Pellet.

Hanwa will continue to grow as markets evolve even faster while becoming more diverse and global.


CM Biomass is the world’s leading independent full-service biomass supplier with an unparalleled logistics setup in all key markets.

CM Biomass acts as a value-adding biomass aggregator, efficiently balancing supply and demand through flexible and efficient logistics solutions in a market characterised by seasonality and constant changes, currently, doing +4.000.000 MT/year wood pellets + other agricultural biomasses.

Further, CM Biomass has established a significant position as a wood pellet producer in the US South and East Coast, through its key terminals in Mobile, Alabama; Savannah, Georgia and Houston, Texas with an in-house production capacity reaching 1.000.000 MT/year in Q1 2023 from 9 wood pellet plants. The overall capacity is set to increase further with multiple new projects in the line.



offers its proprietary FlashTor® torrefaction technology for the production of a high value solid bio-fuel from various streams of biomass. Blackwood’s technology was proven at industrial scale in a torrefaction plant operated by Blackwood’s predecessor Topell Energy in the Netherlands. To roll-out of FlashTor® black pellet plants in Southeast Asia Blackwood has partnered with TTCL Public Company Ltd, a Thai EPC company. Blackwood and TTCL operate a torrefaction demonstration plant in Thailand.


Drax Group is global renewable energy company engaged in renewable power generation and the production of sustainable biomass pellets. Our purpose is to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future. Drax aims to increase pellet production capacity to 8Mt and double sales to third parties by 2030. Having converted Drax Power Station to use sustainable biomass instead of coal, we have become the largest decarbonisation project in Europe. Now we’re ready to go further. Using our expertise in Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) technology and sustainable biomass pellets, we can help others on their decarbonisation journey.

Rainbow Pellet


Rainbow Pellet is an established wood pellet manufacturer based in Malaysia. It supplies high-quality industrial wood pellets reliably and has a nameplate capacity of 400,000 tons per year. The wood pellets carry the SBP, GGL & PEFC certification. The company is able to ship by containers or bulk with volumes up to 50,000 tons per vessel. Rainbow Pellet has recently ventured into reforestation activities and forest plantations, which will supply its own timber processing and biomass production facilities.


FGV Holdings Berhad, a leading agribusiness based in Malaysia, is dedicated to sustainable practices and inclusive growth, and renewable energy initiatives. As a major global producer of Crude Palm Oil, FGV upholds stringent Global Sustainability Standards, emphasizing economic, environmental, and social impact. Through innovative waste-to-wealth programs and biomass utilization, FGV leads in renewable energy, exemplifying its commitment to delivering sustainable foods and agriproducts.




AIREX ENERGY is a world-leading climate solutions provider, helping organizations get to net-zero emissions. Manufacturer of leading-edge biomass torrefaction and carbonization equipment, Airex Energy offers its proprietary CarbonFX™ technology, which converts biomass waste into a complete range of carbon-rich products. Biocoal, or torrefied pellets, is a clean and renewable alternative to fossil coal used in industrial processes and for electricity generation. Biochar is used in varied applications and is a proven solution to remove carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it for hundreds of years. Finally, biocarbon, with its very high carbon content, can replace coke and other high-grade carbon fuels in metallurgical applications.



AMANDUS KAHL is a leading German manufacturer of pellet mills, complete pelleting plants and turnkey factories for wood and biomass. The KAHL wood pellet mill model 65-1500 with 630 kW drive power reaches up to 12 t/h capacity at highest pellet quality levels. It is the largest industry proven wood pellet machine in the market. More than 100 pellet mills model 65-1500 have been installed worldwide.

The AMANDUS KAHL flat die pellet mill is well known since decades for its superiority in efficient and reliable handling of fibrous raw materials. KAHL pellet machines have a major share in the global wood pelleting market and it is sharply increasing further. Several new high capacity installations worldwide and especially in Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia confirm this trend. Highest capacity and lowest energy consumption, combined with a very high processing flexibility on all kinds of soft- and hardwoods, even without dry hammer mill grinding are just some of the highlights. Also available are smaller pellet machine models offering same efficiency and reliability.

AMANDUS KAHL, founded in 1876, is an international strong and reliable partner for single machines, lines and complete plants. With more than 500 employees, a worldwide network of representatives and sales offices, agencies, service technicians and a customized Onlineshop, KAHL provides support to customers every day, around the globe. 





Yilkins is an innovative technology company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of biomass residues valorization. Through proprietary drying and torrefaction technologies, we enable circular economy practices by recycling waste residues into energy and high-value products. Our systems reduce dependence on fossil fuels, minimizing environmental impact and offering cost-saving benefits to clients. Yilkins' technology platform includes drying, torrefaction, gasification, and residue stream separation, with customizable solutions for diverse client needs. We design, license, and manufacture equipment for the biomass industry, promoting sustainability and efficiency.



Since 1982 Hawkins Wright has provided market intelligence and analytical services to the international forest products industry. Hawkins Wright offers a wide range of bespoke consulting services for the biomass and bioenergy industries, as well as regular multi-client reports. Our expertise covers the entire biomass supply chain, from forest resources, to logistics, pellet production, contracting and biomass power plant development.


The Wood Pellet Association was established in October 2022 with more than 100 registered members after a year of its formation. We are very pleased to be ranked 4th among Vietnam’s eight major wood product groups in export value. We’ve been maximizing export revenue for Vietnam’s wood sector by turning wastes constituted from wood processing processes into useful green biomass and important added value for the wood sector. Adhering legality and sustainability requirements from export markets serves as the foundation of our development. We’ve been collaborating with thousands of Vietnamese smallholder tree growers in producing sustainably-certified timber to feed the industry. We have made continuing efforts in understanding the dynamics and requirements from export markets. The Association plays an important role in stabilizing market prices and in the sustainability of forest management. This will profoundly affect the development of the Vietnamese market in the long term and help strengthen competition with other wood pellet producing and exporting countries in the region and the world. The elected Executive Committee are the top 4 wood pellet exporters who have earned the trust and respect of the members and have responsibility for strengthening the network between manufacturers, exporters, traders, and final consumption within Vietnam and internationally. 





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