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- 7th Africa Oil Palm
- Africa PET & Recycling
- 2nd e-Mobility Asia
- Recycled Packaging for Food Contact
- 12th Africa CemenTrade Summit
- 2nd Recycled Packaging for Food Contact
- 21st GEPET Polyester & Recycling
- 15th LPGtrade Summit
- Starch Market Outlook Under EU Green Deal
- Circular, Zero Waste Textiles
- 11th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Virtual Conference
- Chemical Recycling Opportunities in Asia
- Americas Thermoform Recycling and Food Contact Recycled Packaging
- 5th StarchWorld Europe
- Bioplastics and the Circular Economy
- High Quality Recycled Plastics - Achieving Maximum Value
- 2nd Global Biofuels Virtual Conference
- Recycled Packaging for Food Contact South America
- Recycled Packaging for Food Contact ASIA
- Building Smallholder Capacities in Africa
- 18th LAPET, Sustainability & Recycled Packaged Food Contact
- 3rd Sustainable Food Proteins Asia
- African Cassava in the Age of Covid-19
- 6th Biomass Trade & Power Europe
- 4th Global Feed Summit
- Bunker Fuel Asia 2020
- Asia Polyolefins Markets Conference 2021
- 14th BioPlastics Market
- 12th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power
- 2nd OWP (Offshore Wind Power) Japan
- 8th SCAPET