5th Algae World Europe, Unlocking the power of algae for EU’s biobased economy

Unlocking the power of algae for EU’s biobased economy

28 Feb-01 Mar, 2023 - Rotterdam, HYBRID

Hilton Rotterdam

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Unlocking the power of algae for EU’s biobased economy

Algae are a highly promising sustainable raw material for the biobased economy. Gaining popularity as a promising nutrient source, algae finds many suitable applications in a wide range of markets from fish feed to meat substitutes or even biofuel.

Also, the potential of algae as biomaterials in plastics and textiles industry and its role in carbon capture has seen many companies investing in algae as the nature based solution.

Researchers are continuously developing new photobioreactor technologies or land based cultivation systems to propel algae to the next level. 

To achieve high productivity and to make microalgae more suitable for production at an industrial scale, improving of physiological properties of microalgae is often required. Selecting the right strain for the application and optimising cultivation systems is of commercial importance.

Why Netherlands ?

The EU recognises the importance of microalgae in achieving a transition to a green and circular economy, and its REACT-EU programme awarded AlgaePARC funding to enable SMEs to further develop their innovative technologies at the facility.

AlgaePARC The microalgae facility at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has advanced screening systems that can select algae strains more quickly, and develop a biorefinery unit capable of isolating functional ingredients.

What are the challenges in application of algae components in different commercial sectors ? What are recent developments to make algae as an affordable method for sequestering carbon at a gigaton scale ?

What innovative carbon capture-based technology using seaweed can transform CO2 from industrial fish-farming and similar industries into a valuable biomass with numerous fields of application ?

This event brings together the relevant sectors and the different players that interact with algae - including: academia, retail & food services channels, algae technology suppliers, labs, nutritionists, regulatory officials, trade organizations, consumers, business investors and start ups.

Hear from

- Maris Stulgis, Policy Officer,
European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

- Andrew Spicer, Managing Director,

- Orri Bjornsson, CEO,

- Eugene Wang, Founder, Sophie’s Bionutrients

- Jacob Thundil, Chief Saucier, Sozye Ltd
- Simon Ferniot, Co-Founder,
Seafood Reboot

- Esben Rimi Christiansen, Founder,
Pure Algae

- Anne Boermans, Founder, Seaweed Yarns

- Julie Encausse, Founder,

- Dr. Toby Boatman, Research Director,
Brilliant Planet

- Hannah Lester, Founder,
Amgen Consulting

- Prof. Rene Wijffels, Professor - Bioprocessing Engineering,
Wageningen University

- Roman Laus, Founder,

This event includes an optional site visit to AlgaePARC after the conference.

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Separately Bookable
Site Visit to AlgaePARC
1 March 2023 

is a large multidisciplinary research program which integrates the entire microalgae and cyanobacteria process chain.  We develop technologies both on a lab- and pilot scale and move from initial idea to the production processes that deliver competitive and innovative processes and products.

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