Net Zero with Nature-Based Solutions,

04-05 Apr, 2023 - Singapore, HYBRID

Orchard Hotel Singapore

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“Investing Towards a Nature Positive Future”


“There is "no credible pathway" to limiting global temperature rises to 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels” reported by the UN Environment Programme recently.

Even as the world is struggling with pressure from the pandemic and geopolitical, the call for action to meet net-zero emissions by 2050 is not ladened but stronger now as COP27 is approaching.  Experts have highlighted nature-based solutions (NbS) as one avenue to meet these climate and sustainability goals, towards climate resilience.  NbS are actions to protect natural ecosystems that benefit people whilst contributing to tackling climate change and protecting biodiversity. Powered by Nature.

“With carbon-rich ecosystems like peatlands and mangroves, Southeast Asia has the highest global concentration for carbon prospecting for investments in nature-based solutions. The top five countries in the region in terms of return-on-investment from nature-based carbon projects are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.”
~ The Business Times, Aug 25

According to the NUS Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions, it is estimated that the preservation of tropical forests alone can generate US$46 billion worth of carbon credits annually.

"Nature-based solutions could yield US$4.3 trillion in economic value by 2030."
~ The Business Times, Aug 25

"Only about 133 billion dollars are channeled into nature-based solutions, and investments must triple by 2030 to meet the climate, the nature and land-neutrality targets," said Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

As the bulk of the current investment are publicly funded, there is a strong appeal for the private sector to be involved.  NbS and Nature-based derived carbon credits present opportunity for businesses and investors to mitigate the climate risks in their business operation and supply chain, as well as investment options towards sustainability.

What are the challenges to develop credible high-quality NbS?  How can more public-private partnership be fostered to accelerate the realisation of these growth?  How can the private sector (corporates and SMEs) get involved or invest in these nature-based projects?

CMT’s Net Zero with Nature-based Solutions aims to present insights from international experts and stakeholders panel to address pertinent issues in developing nature-based solutions, including:
  • Asia’s Move towards Climate Resilience - Tackling Climate Mitigation & Adaptation

  • Avoiding Greenwashing – Prioritising Transparency & Good Governance

  • High-Quality NBS Projects – Accounting for Biodiversity & Benchmarking Tools

  • Biodiversity & NBS Opportunities in Asia Pacific

  • Blended/Natural Finance As Source for Funding

  • Voluntary Carbon Market for Additional Funding Stream too?

  • Getting Private Sector’s Involved – Corporates Taking Action or the Lead in NBS

  • Enable NBS with Nature Tech, for Monitoring & Scalability

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