Net Zero with Nature-Based Solutions,

04-05 Apr, 2023 - Singapore, HYBRID

Orchard Hotel Singapore


Conference Registration & Morning Coffee


CMT’s & Chairperson’s Welcome

Mr. Patrick Suckling, Asia Chair and Managing Director

Pollination Group ( Pollination Foundation )


Nature-based solution as option to support Sime Darby Plantation’s Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) net-zero commitment

  • SDP overall carbon emission reduction initiative
  • Nature-based solution initiative that has been initiated, on our own and in partnership
  • Maximising carbon value of available land banks, and combining net-zero commitment with new growth area of renewable energy

Mr. Hirzun Mohd Yusof, Head Innovation & New Ventures

Sime Darby Plantation Berhad


Driving Ambitions towards Climate, Nature & People from the Lens of Private Sector

  • APRIL Groups’ commitments towards delivering positive impact to nature, climate & people
  • The role of nature based solutions in achieving APRIL Group’s climate ambitions

Ms. Nadine Zamira Syarief, Sustainability & ESG Manager



Creating a Business Model for Biodiversity

  • A new way of doing business which protects nature whilst enhancing the livelihoods of local communities and supporting sustainable development
  • Transforming social and environmental challenges into economic opportunities through nature-based solutions

Mr. Keyvan Macedo, Sustainability Director / Vice Chair ICC

Natura & Co


Business Case to Implement Nature Based Solution for Biochar

  • Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are actions to address societal challenges through the protection, sustainable management and restoration of ecosystems, benefiting both biodiversity and human well-being.
  • Only about 133 billion dollars are channeled into nature-based solutions, and investments must triple by 2030 to meet the climate, the nature and land-neutrality targets.
  • Nature-based derived carbon credits present opportunity for businesses and investors to mitigate the climate risks in their business operation and supply chain, as well as investment options towards sustainability.

Dr. Hishmi Jamil Husain, Head Biodiversity, Corporate Sustainability

Tata Steel


Networking & Coffee Break


Role of Biodiversity Credits in a Nature-Positive World

  • What is a biodiversity (or nature) credit?
  • Overview of current & future corporate motivations for investing in nature
  • Quantification of biodiversity benefits – overview of Verra’s draft nature framework
  • Scaling finance & impact for nature in carbon & nature credit markets

Ms. Sinclair Vincent, Director, Sustainable Development Programs and Markets



What Role can the Private Sector Play in Developing Natural Capital Projects?

  • Building sustainable business model around natural capital
  • Leveraging public sector investments in natural capital
  • Investing in carbon markets as provider & purchaser

Mr. Martin Lemoine, Unit Head, Agribusiness & Officer-in-Charge, Singapore

Asian Development Bank ADB



Networking & Luncheon


Avoidance vs. Removal Carbon Credits


Quality over Compromise in Nature-based Carbon Solutions

  • The importance of a holistic approach to “quality” in nature-based carbon.
  • How biodiversity and connectivity of natural ecosystems could contribute to strength and resilience in nature-based carbon projects.
  • Ecosystem/landscape scale efforts at identifying hotspots for quality nature-based carbon solutions and their multiple benefits.

Dr. Manjari Jayathilake, Research Fellow

NUS - Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions


Net Zero Operationalisation

  • How to utilize NbS as carbon offset to achieve Net Zero & Carbon Neutrality: From corporate level strategies to on-the-ground design & implementation
  • Designing holistic NbS projects to demonstrate net-positive gains across climate, community & biodiversity
  • The integration of NbS in Forestry, Land Use & Agriculture (FLAG); how to utilize NbS strategies & concepts to achieve SBTi targets, based on the FLAG pathways

Ms. Ashley Chua, Senior Consultant, Nature-based Solutions, South & Southeast Asia

ERM (Environmental Resources Management)


Networking & Tea Break


How to Achieve Net Zero with Nature-based Solutions

  • Synergies to be gained when combining net zero with biodiversity
  • Case studies illustrating this opportunity within a business contest:
    - Illustration of business dependency upon biodiversity, the factors to be considered and how to go about this process
    - Use of natural capital accounting to demonstrate benefits of nature-based solutions and low-carbon construction concurrent with management of flood risk to the city of London
    - Restoration of river and coastal biodiversity using waste coconut husk manufactured to create a growing medium, coir. The coir with the wetland plants is utilized to restore rivers and coastlines to mitigate against the impact of climate change concurrent with sequestration of carbon and improvement of biodiversity. The manufacturing process also has social benefits to the community by providing employment opportunities.

Ms. Lucy Thomas, Managing Director

RSK Centre for Sustainability Excellence


Building Nature-based project portfolios: How technology can make it easier for buyers and investors to connect with quality projects who need carbon finance

  • The Market failure: Carbon markets are undersupplied. Why can carbon finance from buyers and investors not reach landscapes who need conservation, restoration and regenerative agriculture?
  • The finance tech solution: How can we transform nature-based carbon projects from a cottage industry to a well-capitalized manufacturing lane? 

Mr. Florian Reimer, Chief Climate Officer



Smallholder Farmers are Part of the Solution to Combat Climate Change

  • Financing smallholder agroforestry farms through the voluntary carbon market
  • Fair pricing of Carbon; essential to engage farmers & keep them interested
  • Costs and revenues of a scalable proposition to create an inclusive and mature carbon market

Mr. Harm Haverkort, Lead Partnerships Asia-Pacific

ACORN at Rabobank


Networking Cocktail Reception for ALL Speakers & Participants


End of Day ONE


Chairperson’s Remarks


Nature-Based Opportunities in Asia Pacific

Mr. Jens Petersen, Director, Investments

New Forests Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Nature as the Next Frontier of Investment: Unlocking the Financial and Environmental Benefits of Nature-Based Solutions

  • Increasing interest in NBS because of Carbon and ESG. But there is more.
  • Systems analysis help to identify best solutions and increase chances of success.
  • Social-Cost Benefits of NBS outweigh traditional solutions

Mr. Jaïr Smits, Managing Director

Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia Pte. Ltd.


Helping companies protect our remaining rainforests: Lessons learned from community-led conservation in Southeast Asia

  • We cannot keep the planet within 1.5 or even 2 degrees of warming unless we protect all remaining forests.
  • The Forest Conservation Fund makes it easy for companies to protect tropical rainforests by linking funding to Indigenous people and local communities who are protecting these biodiversity and carbon hotspots.
  • We’ll explore the business case for rainforest conservation as well as challenges and opportunities we’ve identified in our projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea.

Mr. Arif Supam Wijaya, Asia Portfolio Manager

The Forest Conservation Fund (FCF)


Networking & Coffee Break


Private Sector Practices & Initiatives towards Sustainable Forest Management

  • Sustainable forest management practices and initiatives
  • Ensuring stakeholders’ participation in landscape management   

Mr. Addriyanus Tantra, SFM Certification and Compliance Manager



SAGO as Sustainable Food for a Better World

  • Sago is a great forest-based crops that can grow in wetlands, riverbanks etc
  • Sago is a crops that is concerned with climate change & can reduce carbon print (GHG)
  • PT BAA has run an integrated green industry that is sustainable & is part of the SDG's program in the world
  • The success of the SDGs program in the Agro Industry world for a better future

Mr. Fidrianto, President Director

PT Bangka Asindo Agri


Mapping Carbon & Co-Benefits in Tropical Forests

  • A new Carbon Prospecting dashboard with an interactive visualization for tropical forest carbon and co-benefits.
  • Demonstration of the functionalities and outputs of the Carbon Prospecting dashboard.
  • CNCS’ research on improving forest carbon estimation in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Tan Zu Dienle, Research Fellow

NUS - Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions


Closing Discussion & Luncheon


End of Conference


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