2nd Sustainable Polyolefins, Markets & Innovations,

21-22 Jun, 2023 - Brussels, HYBRID

Novotel Brussels City Centre

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Regulatory development, partnerships, technology advancement & circular Polyolefins transformation

Sustainable polyolefins markets are growing, driven by increasing demand for products that are more sustainable and recyclable. Recyclability is also becoming a key factor in sustainability, with more companies looking to reuse and recycle polyolefin materials.

The effort to increase the availability of recycled polyolefins, particularly food grade products, is expected to pick up speed. Recent regulations in Europe have established targets for recycled content in packaging, therefore end markets are searching for supply in the markets they serve. This trend is anticipated to spread globally very soon.  Buyers may expect higher pricing until more supply are available.

Chemical recycling of plastic waste is gaining traction as it has the potential to close the loop in the circular economy. The frequency and no. of new investments, planned expansions, and product launches are also increasing. The sector’s growth is a vital part of the global effort to tackle climate change and to ensure the sustainability of the planet’s resources.

PureCycle to Build Its First Polypropylene Recycling Facility in Europe. 
www.waste360.com, 17/1/23

SABIC’s first commercial advanced recycling unit to start in H2 2023… SABIC unveiled a target of one million metric tonnes of TRUCIRCLE solutions by 2030, part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation.
www.zawya.com, 28/2/23

Neste, Uponor, Wastewise and Borealis have successfully produced pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) which was based on feedstock gained from chemically recycled post-industrial waste plastic from PEX pipe production, using an ISCC PLUS certified mass-balancing approach.                 
www.neste.sg, 14/2/23

The production of recycled plastics is expected to increase to 3.4 Mt in 2030. Chemical recycling could provide a significant portion of this recyclate, not least because the output materials are of virgin quality and would be suitable for many food contact applications.

The challenge is to raise the capital required to finance the necessary infrastructure and to determine the best ways of deploying this technology. This includes identifying the right feedstocks and markets for the output materials, as well as assessing the optimal size of the facilities and the best way to ensure optimum efficiency.

Decarbonization of the polyolefins industry is essential for reducing its environmental impact. The use of renewable energy sources, improved energy efficiency, and the adoption of more sustainable production processes are all part of this process.


CMT’s 2nd Sustainable Polyolefins, Markets & Innovations Hybrid conference on 21-22 June 2023 in Brussels, Belgium brings together players in the polyolefins value chain to share insights on the development and trends moving forward.

Leading Panel of Speakers:

  • Dr. Werner Bosmans, Team leader ‘Plastics’, DG Environment, European Commission

  • Robert Hogan, Consultant - Energy & Chemicals Advisory, NexantECA

  • Bart Van Hoof, Global Marketing & Competence Center Leader – Circular Economy, SABIC Europe

  • Wiebe Schipper, Vice President of European Operations, PureCycle Technologies

  • Prof Edward Kosior, Founder & CEO, Nextek

  • Jiwon Sung, Senior System Manager, ISCC Systems

  • Brendan Hill, Sustainable Market development and Sales, Braskem, I’m green™

  • Gavin Lewis, Innovation Lead - Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging (SSPP) Challenge, Innovate UK

  • Steven Burns, Chief Commercial Officer, ReVentas

  • Olivier Adam, Head of Primary Packaging Europe, ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical

  • Jeroen Kelder, Partner, Infinity Recycling

  • Charlotte de Montpellier, Senior Economist, ING Economic Research

  • Christian Abl, Director Recycling, Reclay Group 

  • Ms. Nathalie Jude, Director Sustainability Closures global, Aptar Closures

  • Graham Houlder, Project Coordinator & Managing Director, CEFLEX

  • Carlos Negrete Giner, Global Category Manager Sustainability - Plastics, Beiersdorf

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