3rd Circular Plastics Asia,

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24-26 Sep, 2024 - Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

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3rd Circular Plastics ASIA
which evolved from CMT’s annual PET Asia series is set to convene this year in Seoul, South Korea.

With a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, the event aims to bring together stakeholders from across the plastics industry in the Asian region to discuss innovative solutions and strategies for achieving a circular economy in plastics packaging.

As South Korea emerges as a leader in the circularity of plastics – implementing initiatives to reduce plastics consumption, announcing advanced plastic recycling projects and developing new technologies,  hosting the conference in Seoul underscores the country's commitment to addressing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices.

The conference includes separately bookable Site Visits to Samyang B2B Recycling Plant and BGF Ecocycle ( part of the BGF Retail group – a leading convenience store in Korea with its own CU brand ).

Participants will get to see firsthand insights into their recycling processes, technologies, and operations.

This tour will sell out fast with limited seats. Only conference participants are entitled to this tour. Contact hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg to book NOW.

Separately Bookable Site Visits


Tuesday, 24 Sept 2024 | (08:30 – 16:00 hrs.)

 BGF Ecocycle and Samyang B2B Recycling Plant  


BGF EcoCycle is part of BGF Retail, the largest convinience store chain in South Korea.


Samyang B2B Recycling Plant

08:30  Depart from hotel
09:30 Arrive at BGF Ecocycle
Tour 2 hours
Depart to Samyang Packaging, a PET B2B Recycling plant
12:30 Arriving at the plant
13:00 Tour 2 hours
15:00 Depart to Hotel
16:00 Back to Hotel