Monetizing PALM & AGRI WASTE FEEDSTOCKS Applications & Technologies,

02-03 Oct, 2024 - Jakarta, HYBRID

Seizing the untapped potential of the palm & agri waste industry and opportunities for technology collaboration

The palm oil industry generates 126 millon tonnes of POME waste each year offering fertile resources for biogas production.

With investments in the right technologies, the palm oil waste feedstocks can be a significant contribution towards Indonesia's green energy transition.

Late last year, Pertamina, JGC, Osaka Gas and INPEX have jointly pursued an in-depth study on the use of POME-based biomethane.

Methane captured from POME , and refined to biomethane can be supplied via natural gas pipelines and other existing infrastructure.

Waste biomaterials from the Asia agriculture industry including palm oil, rice, coconut,sugarcane etc are now viewed as treasures that, if implemented in a circular model can contribute to the bioeconomy, reduce waste generation at the same time promote sustainable agriculture.

Agricultural biomass can be transferred into energy by multiple approaches like fermentation, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, composting, gasification, landfill.

Today researchers have continually attracted the treatment of agricultural bio-waste and its benefits.

Held at an opportune time when Indonesia is strengthening its commitment to accelerate its energy transition and emission reduction targets by 2060, join us in Jakarta on the 2nd - 3rd of Oct and find out how we can tap on this waste resource for a greener future.

Topic highlights:
  • Can bio-CNG play a major role in Indonesia as transportation fuel
  • Sustainable aviation fuels from POME
  • Unlocking value from wood waste to produce SAF
  • Converting waste biomass to commercially viable biochar products
  • Recycling dead palm trees into biofuels
  • The role of POME's biogas in Indonesia's Net Zero journey 
And many more.

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