2nd Algae World Asia 2009,

29 Sep-01 Oct, 2009 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok

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“Are Algae Biofuels too expensive?” Technological & Biological breakthroughs address this crucial question with innovative solutions.

Posted on : 07 Jul, 2009

Mario Tredici Video Download

At Algae World 2009 in Rotterdam, over 150 participants paid close attention to Prof. Mario Tredici as he shared onmaking Algae projects more cost-effective.

The commercial viability of Algae-based energy and biofuels projects is ultimately going to depend on economics. That is why current technological and biological breakthroughs in the sector focus on reducing costs, increasing efficiency and optimizing returns!


One of the world’s leading Algae experts speaking at the recently concluded AlgaeWorld 2009 in Rotterdam shared his findings and views on applying technological and biological know-how to reduce production costs and increase yields.


Prof. Mario R. Tredici - Top Algae Scientist from University of Florence shared findings on improving Algal Biomass & Lipidsyield.


mario trediciProf. Mario Tredici is a world-renowned phycologist who has over 30 years of Algae research under his belt. A professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture-University of Florence, Prof. Tredici has maintained a high profile in the industry, serving as President of the International Society of Applied Phycology.


Prof. Tredici has lent his expertise on Algae to key organisations including the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, the International Energy Agency and the International Network on Biofixation of CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Abatement with Microalgae. He has also consulted and advised oil companies including ENEL SpA, Enitecnologie SpA and biofuels companies like Aurora Biofuels on Algae.


At Algae World 2009, Prof. Tredici gave an attention-grabbing presentation on algae oil production, which obtained one of the highest ratings from participants.


Prof. Tredici provided insights on lipid productivity of selected algae species under various conditions and explained why algae oil yield is superior to most food crops.


He also pinpointed the strengths and weakness of biofuels production from algae oil. 

His research findings, supported by clear-cut numerical data, made the audience sit up and take notice!


Find your answers by accessing Prof. Mario Tredici’s AlgaeWorld 2009 presentation at NO COSTS!


As a run-up to the upcoming 2nd AlgaeWorld Asia 2009 conference, we’re releasing the video recording of Prof. Tredici’s speech to give you a view into issues dominating the Algae industry today!


The AlgaeWorld video also represents the type of relevant facts and timely insights that we guarantee at 2ndAlgaeWorld Asia 2009.


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Here’s to your Success with Algae,

Ummu Hani
General Manager - Promotions
Centre for Management Technology

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