2nd Sustainable Barrier Paper Packaging for Food Contact, Back-to-back with 2nd Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging Solution

12-13 Oct, 2022 - Brussels, BELGIUM

Novotel Brussels City Centre


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CMT & Moderator’s Welcome

Mr. Alexey Vishtal, Head of Novel Packaging Development

Mayr-Melnhof Karton GmbH ( Mayr-Melnhof Cartonboard International GmbH )


The Challenging Path from Functional Barrier Papers to Food Compliant Packaging Solutions

  • How DELSCI is functionally designing & developing barrier papers for flexible packaging of food
  • The chasm between a packaging material and a packaging solution and how to overcome it
  • How Rapid Prototyping and Design Thinking can help to support the transition from plastic to paper

Mr. Herwig Kirchberger, Managing Director

Delsci GmbH


Functional Barriers & New Fiber Based Food Packaging Solutions

  • How can new barrier types and application technologies support plastic replacement
  • Why molded fiber can finally enter into food packaging at scale
  • Recent product launches and their history

Mr. Ralf Mack, Director Business Development – Consumer Products EMEA

Graphic Packaging International


Performance and Repulpability Profiles of Biowax vs. Paraffin Wax Based Barrier Coatings


Discussion & Networking Coffee


Fundamental of Paper Adhesion and Processability in Extrusion Coatings: Improving the Performance of Biobased and Compostable Poly(Butylene Succinate) in Paper Coatings

  • Fundamental studies to understand the structure-processing-property correlations related to extrusion paper coating.
  • Developed a new solution based on biobased poly(butylene succinate) to achieve a fast coating line speed without modifying existing LDPE extrusion lines
  • This technique showed significantly improvement in paper adhesion for thinner coating and exceptional good heat sealing properties.
  • Compostable & recyclable

Mr. Bob Hu, Sr. Application Research Scientist

Eastman Chemical Company


Recent Breakthrough in Chromatogeny - Sustainable Barriers


Discussion & Networking Lunch


Afternoon Chair/Moderator


Functionalizing Paper for Primary Food Applications: Differences, Challenges & Opportunities


Importance of Highly Engineered Base Papers in Flexible Packaging Barrier Development

  • Base paper design is key to achieving desired end of life goals (recyclability/compostability) and application functionality
  • Highly engineered base papers can deliver barrier like properties on their own, such as liquid water repellency, grease resistance, mineral oil barrier, low air permeability, and oxygen barrier
  • Highly engineered base papers extend the functionality of coatings allowing for lower MVTR results, and keep coat weights low to ensure end of life goals are met

Dr. Clothilde Manzano, Marketing Development Manager, Parchment

Ahlstrom Munksjo


100 % Biobased & Biodegradable Water & Grease Barrier for Food Packaging

  • Based on biopolymers from food side streams
  • For 3-D dry moulded food packages
  • High grease resistance

Mr. Marten Hellberg, CEO and Co-founder

OrganoClick AB


Discussion & Networking Tea


PANEL: Packaging Sustainability Storm: Where Barrier Fibre-Based Packaging Will Land After All

  • How fibre-based packaging is currently positioned in packaging sustainability context? How do you see a trend of plastic replacement and role of paper/board/molded pulp with barrier functionality in it?
  • Which functionalities are the most important for paper to gain (WVTR, OTR, Grease, Sealability, etc.) and for which applications?
  • What do you see as a key enabling technologies? Reduction of extruded or laminated coatings? Dispersion coating? Vacuum deposition? Bio-derived polymers?
  • What should be an end-of-life for barrier paper packaging? Composting, recycling, etc.?
  • What do you as a major unresolved challenge in barrier paper packaging?

Mr. Alexey Vishtal, Head of Novel Packaging Development

Mayr-Melnhof Karton GmbH ( Mayr-Melnhof Cartonboard International GmbH )

Mr. Juergen Dornheim, Director Corporate Packaging

Procter & Gamble Service GmbH (P&G)


Discussion & Networking Cocktail


End of Day 1


CMT & Moderator’s Welcome

Mr. Juergen Dornheim, Director Corporate Packaging

Procter & Gamble Service GmbH (P&G)


Recyclability Assessment of Barrier Coating – Preliminary Results

  • Aticelca, with a support of a network of laboratories, developed the “Aticelca 501 System”, a recyclability assessment of paper products and paper based packaging. Based on 4 recyclability levels (A+, A, B and C) plus the not-recyclable, this system is helping companies in developing paper products and paper based packaging with better recyclability performances, giving a solid ground to their communication to the consumers.
  • While traditional laminated paper are well known and technologies are already in place in any paper mill for separating the fibres from the plastic layer, paper mills are still in a learning stage regarding the chance to recycle barrier coatings and counteracting the possible negative effects.
  • Barrier coatings may have different behaviours during the recycling process and some seems to be more compatible with actual recycling technologies compared to others. We will present few preliminary results on the way we intend to address the assessment of recyclability of barrier paper

Mr. Massimo Ramunni, Secretary General



Advancements in PFAS-Free Food Service Molded Fiber Parts & Challenges of Barrier Coatings Application on 3D Food-Contact Molded Fiber Packaging


Discussion & Networking Coffee


Food-Contact Molded Fiber Packaging in the EU Regulatory Landscape

Mr. Roderik Hoet, Business Development Manager

BFG Packaging


Fibrillated Cellulose as Eco-Friendly Barrier for Molded Fiber Products

  • 100% cellulose molded fiber
  • Grease & oxygen barrier properties

Mr. Geoffrey Stijfs, Technical Sales Manager

Sappi Netherlands Services BV ( Sappi Europe )


Water-Based Barrier Coatings for Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging

  • Water-based barrier coating solutions for molded fiber food packaging of refrigerated & frozen foods
  • Recyclable and/or compostable water-based coating systems are designed for conventional application methods as well as for atomized spraying on 3D shapes
  • Application examples, functional requirements for wet coatings & for finished coated articles, as well as their barrier performance at different storage conditions

Mr. Stanislav E. Solovyov, Senior Research Scientist

Mantrose Haeuser Co Inc


Discussion & Closing Lunch


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