Recycled Energy Asia 2022,

30 Nov-01 Dec, 2022 - Bangkok, THAILAND

DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

Confirmed Speakers as of 15 September 2022

  1. Key Policy & Regulatory Risks & Opportunities for the Industry Related to Low Carbon Economy Transition
    • Global low carbon transition trends and drivers, including implications from EU's carbon border adjustment mechanism
    • Carbon policies development in South East Asia
    • How to assess and address risks at corporate, facility level and for new investment projects?
    Yulia Dobrolyubova, Partner, Corporate Sustainability & Climate Change Lead, Southeast Asia
    ERM (Environmental Resources Management)

  2. Zero waste - Innovative Approaches to Comprehensive Waste Management
    • Waste to renewable energy
    • Wastewater to reusable water
    • Recover waste for new resources (eg. plastics, bioconversion, solvent recovery)
    Burin Tangsilpaolarn, Business Development Manager
    Veolia Thailand

  3. Decarbonisation of Industrial Energy Use – the Role of Biomass
    Petteri Härkki, Managing Director
    AFRY (Thailand) Ltd

  4. Developing WtE Projects in South East Asia
    Dr. Alexander Skaria, Engineering Director
    AFRY (Thailand) Ltd

  5. Small & Medium-Scale RDF-fired WtE plants in South-East Asia - Key Success Factors
    The presentation will focus on the various aspects to make small scale WtE plants a success, ranging from fuel preparation to technology choices and its impact on the economic feasibility of these WtE plants. Next to this a few success stories in Asia & Europe in small scale RDF/SRF energy plants will be featured, highlighting the learnings and key take-aways
    Kevin Vandewalle, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

  6. New waste to energy concept in Singapore- reducing the stress on landfilling
    • Singapore’s aspirations on reducing waste generation that end up in the landfill.
    • Introducing high temperature slagging gasification as valuable option to incineration technology in Singapore’s context.
    • Addressing sludge waste through advanced waste to energy and waste to resources technology
    • Industrial engagement through technology test bedding in waste to energy research facility.
    Grzegorz Lisak, Resource Recovery Programme Director, Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute
    Nanyang Technological University

  7. Biomass availability from Indonesia and motivation for export vs of domestic market
    • Indonesian biomass market trends
    • Biomass supply to coal fired power plants
    • Exporting biomass from Indonesia
    Santeri Rantala, CEO
    Solcofin Pte Ltd

  8. Palm Kernel Shells Availability & Export from Indonesia
    Rifky Baladraf, Managing Director
    PT Inti Persada

  9. Market Potential for Agricultural Residues/Waste for Biomass Fuel
    • GHG Life Cycle Assessment
    • Feedstock Sustainability
    Yoshinobu Kusano, Executive Advisor, Fuel Procurement, Biomass Energy
    RENOVA Inc.

  10. Diversification of Biomass Feedstock Sources for Industrial Applications into Agri-Residues & Woody Encroachment
    • What is driving the global need for more sustainable biomass feedstock for industrial use
    • How diversification of biomass feedstock intake including agri-residues & woody encroachment can widen & enlarge feedstock availability
    • How to manage agri-residuces & woody encroachment product quality to meet industrial applicability
    • How to assure sustainability of agri-residues & woody encroachment
    Maarten Gnoth, Managing Director
    Hinterland Management BV

  11. ReOil - Building a Sustainable & Circular Economy Industry
    • Sustainable Economy
    • Plastic to Oil OR Plastic
    • Chemical Recycling
    • Post-Consumer Plastic (PCP)
    • Pyrolysis Oil
    • ReOil
    Dr. Stefan Pirker, Head of Technology & Innovation Management Chemical Recycling and Plastic to Oil

  12. Chemical Recycling Beyond Pyrolysis: Maximizing Value Recovery from Plastic Waste
    • Status of chemical recycling of plastic waste in Singapore.
    • Development of next generation waste treatment technologies based on pyrolysis.
    • Impact on sustainability and energy transition
    Andrei Veksha, Director & Founder
    Nanomatics Pte. Ltd.

  13. Achieving Carbon Emission Reduction through Renewable Energy in Palm Oil Production Value Chain
    Dr Hirzun Mohd Yusof, Head, Renewable Energy
    Sime Darby Plantation Berhad