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“Navigating regulations of recycled plastics for food-contact applications, mitigating risks and what every brand owner should know”

As brand owners push forward in sustainability, there looks to be no end in sight for demand of sustainable packaging ideas and recycled materials. 

Brand owners are continuing to promote the importance of post consumer recyclates in their product portfolio.

Mars, Inc. is working toward 100 percent packaging recyclability by 2025.

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food company announced in January 2020 that it will spend more than  than 1.5 billion Swiss francs to buy 2 million metric tons of recycled plastic between now and 2025.

Despite high demand for recycled content, there is a disconnect between many recyclers and product manufacturers that results in suboptimal design for recyclability and insufficient supply of post-consumer materials for recycling

Successful recycling firms need to navigate this area skilfully and understand the applicable regulations that govern the use of recycled materials in food packaging applications.

"Envision Plastics pushes forward with food contact recycled plastics packaging"
~ Plastics News Aug 15, 2019

"Unilever has launched Magnum ice cream tubs made from recycled polypropylene plastic."
~ Aug 7, 2019

One of the the biggest roadblock to increasing the amount of recycled plastic for food packaging is the poor quality of recyclates.

Apart from meeting the purity requirements of the FDA Act, recycled food contact materials also must comply with the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements.

Key experts at CMT’s Recycled Packaging for Food Contact conference will discuss in detail the following issues

  • North America current regulatory landscape for food contact materials, zooming in on recycled packaging for food
  • Understanding the FDA NO Objection Letter (NOL) requirements for recycled materials
  • Food grade rHDPE
  • Closed-Loop Recycling Program For Food Contact PP Packaging
  • Developing in-process methods for monitoring contamination of food packaging comprised of post-consumer recycled polymers
  • From bales to food grade rPET
  • Rebuilding America’s recycling markets with closed loop solution for PET
  • Partnership for a true close loop PET thermoform recycling
  • tray to tray – finding value in post consumer thermoformed containers
  • Food grade PET process optimisation
  • Chemically recycling used Polystyrene back into new products for food applications
  • Intelligent sorting solutions for plastics recycling based on digital watermarking technology
Plus an optional site visit to rPlanet's 302,000-sq ft plastics recovery and production facility in Vernon (opened to non-competitors only).

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Post Conference Site Visit to rPlanet Earth Recycling Facility

rPlanet Earth is an innovative technology-based company that produces packaging from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) using a vertically integrated approach. The Vernon, California-based company recently opened its 302,000-square-foot plastics recovery and production facility, which also serves as its headquarters. In its first phase of development, the plant will produce about 80 million pounds of food and drink packaging annually.


14:00 Depart from Embassy Suites Hilton – Glendale

Arrive rPlanet Earth
Tour for 2 hours

16:30 Debriefing and Q&A

Leave rPlanet Earth 

17:30 Arrive back to Embassy Suites Hilton


  • Deadline to register – TBA
  • rPlanet Earth reserves the right to refuse competitors to the facility

It may be necessary for reasons beyond CMT's control to alter the content, timings, dates or venue of an event. CMT will not accept liability for any kind of disruptions or any claims whatsoever and in such circumstances CMT's normal cancellation terms apply.

Comments from Recycled Packaging for Food Contact, 18-19 Sep 2019 - Brussels.

"Fully packed conference on packaging regarding the future goals and challenges to achieve circular economy" ~ Polykemi

"Excellent panel to get the most relevant information about food contact in recycled packaging"
~ Total Petrochemicals

"Enjoyed the conference with a wide range of perspectives from the industry"
~ Britvic

"A lot of useful information, Excellent"
~ Polyprint

"Very good information, high level of details from presenters, great discussions and networking. Excellent"
~ Veolia

"An excellent range of presentation and networking opportunities"
~ Amcor

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News Feed

Envision Plastics gets FDA’s Nod to Use Recycled HDPE in Food Contact Packaging

Posted on : 10 Feb, 2020

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Letter of Non-Objection (NOL) to Envision Plastics allowing the company to provide OceanBound Plastic to customers. Envision Plastics’ OceanBound Plastic is a post-consumer resin collected from at-risk regions around the globe, and specifically manufactured for direct food contact.
The NOL specifies that Envision’s OceanBound Plastic can be used for all food types under Conditions of Use C-H – when used at levels up to 100% in recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) packaging.
At a time when more and more brands are opting for sustainable packaging solutions, this move will be key to providing them with sustainable solutions for food and beverage packaging.
Envision’s OceanBound Plastic aims to help brands find a solution to meet their 2025 sustainable packaging goals.
OceanBound Plastic was launched in 2017 when Envision collaborated with local communities in ‘at-risk areas’ around the world to recover the plastic before it enters the ocean and produce a resin that can be is easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes.
Tamsin Ettefagh Vice President Sales, Envision Plastics shares more about the company’s initiatives in Food grade for rHDPE at CMT’s Recycled Packaging for Food Contact in Los Angeles, USA.
Contact Hafizah at or call +65 68175744 for more details.