Healthy Better-for-You Snacks,

23 Jun, 2021

Snack sales has boomed since the outbreak as many work-from-home orders lead consumers to reach out for quarantine indulgent snacks – chips, popcorn, sweet bakery products and more.

Consumers continue to seek fresh baked items and comfort foods —but what’s trending for the last 12 months, is the fact that consumers are now prioritizing health and according to a snack food company -the current trends they are seeing is that Covid -19 has raised the awareness for healthier better-for-you snacks.

In the EU, a harmonised nutritional FOP labelling will be mandatory by end 2022 – how useful will the labelling help consumers make informed choices on the  ingredient composition, & nutritional value ?

With a large number of people not commuting to work, research indicates that this has significantly impacted on-the-go snacking - hitting the snack bar market hard.

However, innovations in the bar space continue. Personalization is a key trend in the food industry as more new protein bars emerge with specific dietary claims, such as keto, gluten-free, , immunity-boosting. low GI etc

Attend CMT’s Healthy Better-For-You Snacks and network with snack companies all over the world – Gain insights on

•  How sustainable is Healthy Snacking – will it fade away as lives return to normal after the pandemic?

•  What are the snacks trends in North America

•  What are the challenges on formulating with reduced sugar for healthier snacks?

•  Personalised snack bars that can counter stress and be customised to feed a consumers needs


- Shiri Ranot, Global Marketing Director,

- Cesare Varallo, Food Lawyer, Food Law Latest

- Rachel Yarcony Goldstein, Founder & Co-CEO,
myAir, Ltd (myAir Superfood Bars)

- Shelley Balanko, SVP, Business Development,
Hartman Group

- Balachandar Selvamohan, Application & Technical Sales Director,
Bunge Loders Croklaan

- Roy Wolf, Vice President - Business Devt, Matzot Aviv

- Tali Feingold, Business Unit Director, Salt of the Earth Ltd

Date: 23 June 2021

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Shiri Ranot
Global Marketing Director


Cesare Varallo
Food Lawyer
Food Law Latest


Rachel Yarcony Goldstein
Founder & Co-CEO
myAir, Ltd
(myAir Superfood Bars)


Balachandar Selvamohan
Application & Technical Sales Director
Bunge Loders Croklaan  


Shelley Balanko
SVP, Business Development
Hartman Group


Roy Wolf
Vice President -Business Devt
Matzot Aviv  


Tali Feingold
Business Unit Director
Salt of the Earth Ltd