12th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, 第12回 バイオマス・ペレット会議 ~貿易と発電~

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17-20 May, 2021 - Tokyo, JAPAN

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Summit Day 1 - Sessions / Topics

  • Project updates in Japan & biomass demand outlook

  • Korean RPS development, implication on biomass power capacity & demand

  • Assess biomass demand & project outlook in Taiwan

  • Rethinking carbon reduction strategies – incorporating biomass in the sustainable renewable energy mix

  • Changes in the financing landscape for biomass projects – successes & lesson learnt

  • Japan biomass logistics & storage panel 

Summit Day 2 - Sessions / Topics

  • Global raw materials availability – How will the drive for sustainable, carbon neutral biomass affect availability?

  • Updates on FIT & sustainability requirement on imported biomass into Japan

  • Meeting the sustainability & traceability requirement for wood pellets, PKS, etc – Responses from the Users & Traders

  • Developing a sustainable PKS (oil palm biomass) supply chain

  • Supply market updates – Wood Pellet + PKS + Wood Chip

  • Global wood pellet suppliers' panel

Post-Conference Workshop 
(09:30 – 17:00)
Sustainability & Certification of Imported Biomass: Clarification on Japan’s Latest Policy, Regulatory Moves & Implications 

Facilitators & Speakers
Japan's Biomass Power Association, Indufor, Renewable Energy Institute (REI), VTT, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (PRIMAFF), SBP, ISCC
and etc.

Workshop Agenda
  1. Bioenergy sustainability development – global development & where does Japan stand?

  2. Status of Japan's biomass power plants/projects – What’s coming online, pipeline, implication on biomass consumption?

  3. Progress on sustainability requirement on biomass supply into Japan

  4. Carbon neutrality - Is burning biomass a contradiction or not?

  5. Sustainable-certified biomass supply – Where are we looking at now?

  6. Certification schemes & "work in progress" for Japan's need

  7. Roundtable Discussions

Separately Bookable
Post Conference Site Visit to Buzen New Energy LLC

Buzen New Energy’s 75MW Biomass Power Plant

Buzen New Energy LLC, a joint venture company invested by erex, Kyuden Mirai Energy and Kyudenko, started commercial operation on January 1st , 2020. The output of this power plant is 74,950 kW, which is the largest level woody biomass power plant in Japan. The plant requires 300 000 tonnes per annum of biomass fuel, including wood pellet and palm kernel shells (PKS).

In this power generation business, erex, Kyuden Mirai Energy and Kyudenko jointly operate the power plant. During the business period, erex is responsible for the procurement and supply of biomass fuel, and Kyuden Mirai Energy provides technical support to the power plant, thereby conducting solid and stable business operations utilizing the strengths of each company. The three companies will continue to contribute to the prevention of global warming and the realization of a low-carbon society by actively promoting businesses using renewable energy in Japan and overseas.


Depart Tokyo Marriott Hotel for Haneda Airport


Flight to Kitakyushu airport


Arrive at Kitakyushu airport; Bus to depart for Buzen New Energy Plant


Presentation & Tour of the Biomass Power Plant, Control Room


Lunch for all visitors and eRex hosts


Visit to Nakatsu stockpile (Tour + Q&A)


Bus to depart for Kitakyushu airport


Flight to Haneda airport


Arrive at Haneda airport; Bus to depart for Tokyo Marriott Hotel


Arrive at Tokyo Marriott Hotel; End of Site Visit


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