23rd GEPET & Polyester (Recycling & Sustainability),

23-24 May, 2023 - Porto, HYBRID

Hilton Porto Gaia

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23 May 2023
24 May 2023
25 May 2023
23rd GEPET & Polyester
(Recycling & Sustainability)

Day 1
23rd GEPET & Polyester
(Recycling & Sustainability)

Day 2
4th Recycled Packaging
for Food Contact
Day 1
4th Recycled Packaging
for Food Contact
Day 2

Separately Bookable
Site visit to Ecoibéria
& World PET

4th Recycled Packaging
for Food Contact
Day 1

The EU Commission wants to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by mandating that producers use a minimum amount of recycled plastic in new packaging placed on the market. New regulations are expected to be passed this year as brandowners increase their focus on sustainability in their packaging using more recycled content, light weighting and/or investing in bio based packaging.

The SUPD requires every EU country to ensure that PET beverage bottles incorporate at least 25% recycled plastic by. The bar will be raised to 65% and extended to all single-use plastic beverage bottles by 2040.

How is the PET industry handling the shifting sands of sustainability regulations ?

What are the progress and achievements to date by brandowners and retailers on bring sustainable ?

What are the proven changes, infrastructure development and recycling, sorting technologies to accelerate circularity ?

Sustainability commitments made also by the textile industry have set the stage for more competition in an increasingly tight market. Should used PET bottles be only channelled to the food packaging market ? Is there a more sustainable solution for the polyester textile industry ?

Will chemical recycling play an important part in unlocking the supply to meet the set targets ?

Come together for our 23rd Greater Europe PET & Polyester ( Recycling & Sustainability ) conference to be held in Porto Portugal this May 23-24th ! Meet our top panel of speakers and share their insights on the current developments and navigating uncertainties in the region. 


  • Feedstock Competitiveness – the impact on global PET trade

  • Closing the loop on PET trays

  • Scaling up the recyclability of multilayer PET-based tray

  • Production of virgin-like monomers from mixed PET waste - revolPET®

  • Recycling complex polyester waste to high performance products - The White Cycle project

  • Delivering high quality recycled PET to Romania and neighbouring countries - Update on the first PET recycling plant in Romania

  • Mono-PET flexibles: the low carbon choice

  • Cost-effective chemical recycling process for recycled PET of highest purity

  • Recent achievements in the protein engineering of enzymes for the degradation of PET

  • Is there a sustainable solution for textile-to-textile recycling

  • Drivers for FMCG companies towards more sustainability for packaging

And many more



Post Conference Site Visit

24th May 2023 - Separately Bookable Site Visit to


Ecoibéria & World PET

( Limited to 30 pax )
The site visit host reserves the right to approve/reject delegates to their facility.



Founded by Jorge Lemos, Ecoibéria and WorldPet have been expanding capacity at a fast pace and are now part of Logoplaste Group.

Ecoibéria transforms post-consumer plastic bales into recycled flakes which will then be transformed into rPET pellets by World Pet who sells to converters for packaging applications.

Ecoibéria and WorldPet moved to the new facilities in 2019 where the 3rd washing line and the rPET line were installed.


14:00    Leave hotel for recycling facility
14:30 Arrive facility Tour & Discussion for one and half hour
16:00 Leave facility
16:30 Arrive back to Hotel

The conference will share a half-day session with
4th Recycled Packaging for Food Contact conference which will take place on 24-25 May 2023.

More details of that conference can be viewed here: https://www.cmtevents.com/eventschedule.aspx?ev=230514&